Kim Kardashian West bought North a gift of $ 400 so that he could be like his father


When you’re Kim Kardashian West or Kanye West, you can afford to buy what you want. In the case of Kardashian, she has given some gifts to very elaborate and expensive over the years. She offered her gestures sweet and sentimental to their sisters, and even dropped to $ 750,000 once, in a 35 birthday Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4.

One Christmas, Kim Kardashian West spent $ 400 on a gift for his daughter, North. However, this was not a toy either. In fact, this $ 400 was spent on something that will allow North West to be like his father.

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Not really, a Lamborghini for $ 750,000

Only meet 35 years once, and when it was the turn of Kanye, Kim Kardashian West pulled out all the stops. She could have taken a clue from the first line of the song from 2012 of Kanye, “Mercy”.

The line, in case you need to remember, starts with: “okay, Lamborghini Mercy”. Kim Kardashian West wasted no time and dropped a whopping $ 750,000 on a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 black.

Kanye is no stranger to the gifts

Kanye West knows how to treat his lady. With each occasion that passes, and holidays, from anniversaries to Mother’s Day, he spoils Kim Kardashian West with the best money can buy. Do not just send flowers. He sent thousands of roses. Don’t just buy an album of Kenny G. According to E-Online, invited Kenny G to perform a private concert in the living room of the couple with friends.

Before getting married, West once gave a bag Hermes Birkin of $ 40,000, hand-painted by George Condo. Kanye even gave him a check for $ 1 million and an ownership interest in your line Yeezy. After all, nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like, here, have some of my company incredibly successful.

The Christmas gift that North wanted to be like his father

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You might think that the Christmas with the family of the West does not include more than the best toys, and you’ll be right. A festive season a memorable one, Kim Kardashian West wrapped a super special treat for the daughter of the couple, North.

Of course, it was a Lamborghini matt black to the game! This Nembo Marcus, child-size and fully electric, it costs about $ 400, according to Business Insider. Kim Kardashian West shared a photo of the sweet games on Instagram and said: “Like father, like daughter”.

Couple luxurious, luxurious living

The westerners lead a luxury lifestyle. And with your level of wealth, buying a few for others, and for others, giving is easy. But lately, his generosity has extended far beyond the luxury cars and the extravagant bouquets of roses.

Last October, Kanye gave his girlfriend a $ 1 million donation to its charities for the reform of the prison, as a gift for his birthday number 39. The donations were made on behalf of Kardashian to four of the causes for which she is truly passionate about, the Project Buried Alive, the Initiative of Equal Justice, the Coalition Anti-Recidivismo and the Court 50.

The reaction charitable most recent of Kim Kardashian West

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More recently, Kim Kardashian West began to appear in the headlines with your Coronavirus, a tender charity. The Program of Emergency Response COVID-19 Baby2baby started to provide families in need, formula, diapers and essential items.

However, the gesture of Kardashian West to support this program generated a violent reaction. Instead of donating directly, Kardashian posted that the 20% of their profits they would go to the charity, according to the Evening Standard.

The fans shouted bad, because Kardashian West clearly has enough money to donate directly, instead of expecting consumers to buy it first in his line during a moment in which all were bound.

Westerners certainly know how to give gifts luxurious. And they have the finances to fund your generosity. It is clear when it comes to showing love for one another and their children; there is no such thing as exaggerated.

Since North got his Lamborghini to play, she has been running around proud of that match with his dad. It may be a forecast of your future as a member of the West family.