Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande promote ‘Rain’ when it was transformed into the girls climate


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In the year 2019, Lady Gaga stunned the audience as an actress thanks to A Star Is Born. Among the topics Shallow and Joanne (2016), the “Little Monsters“we were waiting for new material to unleash to the rhythm characteristic of their representative diva.

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This 2020 is significant to Gaga. While synchronizing efforts altruistic to cope with the COVID-19, also returned to the music thanks to Stupid Love. The official video was particularly struck by being filmed with an iPhone 11.


Followed to this, Gaga released on all possible platforms their new album Chromatica, in which highlights its promising theme to duet with Ariana Grande: Rain on Me.

In a unique way, both decided to promote their work being “girls of the weather” for a day. In a fun video, the two artists are in charge of reporting with respect to the time in New York and California.

At the start of the material, you can see Lady Gaga within a pool, and at the same time being sprayed by a hose. While Ariana is located in the bathtub of her home, just as it is “attacked by the water”.

Trying to keep the seriousness and composure, the singers do everything they can to finish well in his prognosis, but everything is so different.

Ariana: live from Los Angeles, where it never rains, Ariana Grande is here (…) by Lady Gaga: hello, from New York city where it rains more often.


Laughing, Ariana give up, as I couldn’t concentrate at all. For its part, “Mother Monster” ends with the wig floating in the pool.

There are always new ways to make people laugh to the audience… and, on this occasion, Gaga and Large they achieved this without a doubt. Would you like to see more of this unmatched pair? Tell us in the comments.

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