Lady Gaga portrays a world of dreams and psychedelic in “Chromatica”


Four years after his last album, Lady Gaga returns triumphant to become the queen of electropop. Their sixth studio album, entitled “Chromatica”, is placed at the top of the Electronic Dance Music (EDM), and the pop with collaborations spectacular that make us remember the titles that launched the singer to stardom, but with a sound evolved.

Leaving behind the rustic style of “Joanne”, and after having conquered Hollywood with his performance in “A Star Is Born”, “Chromatica” comes as a respite for the singer, who in the manifesto of the production spoke about the healing powers of the dance and the music. Through 16 songs explores his own history: trauma, fame, addictions, empowerment, search and loves, some of the dark themes hidden behind a dance floor.

The theme of futuristic its cover transports the listener to a dimension multicolored and a galactic universe. The album has 16 songs in three parts, simulating a play, separated by instrumental interludes. Features collaborations with Elton John, Skrillex, BURNS, Axwell and more.

Prior to the release of “Chromatica”, whose original date was postponed due to the pandemic, the Little Monsters of Lady Gaga were able to hear an advance of the album, were simple: ‘Stupid Love’, ‘Sour Candy’ with Blackpink, and ‘Rain On Me’, with Ariana Grande; making this the debut largest Spotify standing as the #1 in the playlists.

In their social networks, Lady Gaga invited her fans to hear the “Chromatica” by disabling the function of shuffle, as their order tells the story of the singer. In addition, he announced that coming soon will be a feast of listening virtual for enjoy the disk with their followers.

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