‘Linchan’ Bad Bunny by ‘disgusting’ mencin on Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper


City of Mexico.- During this Friday, may 29, Bad Bunny gave a lot of that talk on social media after the premiere of Until God say, collaboration you did for the new album Anuel AA entitled Emmanuel.

And is that in part of this song, Benito Ocasio, real name of the artist, made a mencin with content explcito in reference to the american actor, Bradley Cooperand Lady Gaga.

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She is my Lady Gaga and I, her Bradley Cooper, she swallows it and then I spit out”, is heard on the topic.

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The situation caus opinions divided, to the extent that the name of Bradley became a trend in Twitterwhile other internet users took the opportunity to share some memes about this.

It should be recalled that, in the year 2019, there were various rumors about an alleged relationship between Cooper and Lady Gaga, this after the work you did in A star is born (A star is born).

Source: Twitter and The Universal