Luis Hernandez makes fun TikTok next to Jennifer Lopez: video


The Fans

Mexico city /

In this time of quarantine, many athletes have been tempted by download the app from TikTok and upload constant videos while doing different skits. Such is the case of the former selected Luis Hernandez, who he shared the screen with the famous singer Jennifer Lopez.

The Matador shared a tiktok on his Twitter account where he looks very happy giving an interview, while JLo is interrupted by removing her wig and showing her hair natural.

At the end of the video, Luis is very upset by the way he was humiliated in front of the cameras.

I never waited for it JLo, “said Luis in the form of mockery on Twitter.

So soon you have made, the tiktok between the Matador and JLo is viraliz├│ in social networks, thus achieving more than 200 thousand reproductions and two thousand 500 retweets.