MCU will convert to a villain iconic of the X-Men franchise in a hero

The X-Men join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as soon as deemed narratively appropriate and beneficial for the series existing. Kevin Present would not rush in its presentation, nor is he who will depend only of the advertising for the sale of tickets. Marvel Studios must comply with the high expectations intimately linked to the legacy of X-Men. But how? The MCU has a big challenge ahead.

Fox has already produced several movies X-Men, featuring actors unparalleled in main roles, like Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Jennifer Lawrence, and more. The MCU must issue individuals equally talented, but deviate from repeating the same frames that Fox exploded. In other words, Wolverine can’t be in the center, and the conflict Magneto-Professor X should probably be in the background to the arches of comics that still have not received the spotlight of the silver screen.

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Disney does not try to imitate a Fox, however, the complete exclusion of stories and characters specific would be a disappointment. Then, how to achieve the right balance? How do you feed the desires at the same time that is presents original content, inspired and creative? Based on internal reports, Marvel has begun work on the introduction of X-Men and has plans to bring Magneto in a very different direction.

Magneto could become one of the main saviors of MCU

Magneto was a main antagonist in most of the movies on Fox X-Men. Although he sometimes took decisions for the good of humanity, often risked lives mutants, was a threat to the human and is challenged by professor X to achieve the goals that are considered worthy of effort, and worthy to take away the many lives that interpondrían in your way.

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When the MCU presents to Magneto, you can enter in the evening as a villain, which represents a threat in a combination of Avengers / X-Men. However, according to reports, will come to lead the fight against Doctor Doom when Secret Wars arrives.

EpicStream reported, relying on information from Mikey Sutton to the Youtube channel Lords of the Longbox, that Marvel plans to “emphasize gradually the presence of Magneto and Doctor Doom in the MCU”, presumably in conjunction (or in a succession of close).

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What of the villain to the savior of the origin story alone?

EpicStream continues by pointing out that Marvel will present to the manipulator of metals as a villain, but will deviate from this representation quite fast. Will work with the Avengers, fighting like a hero when Doctor Doom comes to a threat to the humanity (and more) in a film of Secret Wars.

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See Magneto spend most of their time fighting alongside the good guys will be a refreshing twist to the character. However, to provide the fund a bad thing that the fans know and love is a first step integral, and probably the reason why that is part of the plan. How could you exclude the dark side, destructive, manipulative, and sometimes macabre character?

Such a move could lay the groundwork for personal growth, working to establish the basis of heroism. And, maybe the fans could receive a future source movie (or trilogy of characters) in the MCU … a Fox never provided.