Mia Khalifa in Ramy season 2 via Hulu with Mahershala Ali and Ramy Youssef | Movies and series


Premiered in 2019, ‘Ramy’ introduces us to Youssef, a muslim american of the first generation that is dealing with how you want to live your life and please his family.

Only in the first part of the fiction, we see how the young woman is represented as someone who wants to live a life free of pressure and responsibilities, while also want to connect more with their faith and their customs. For his return to TV, the producers have been invited to the influencer Mia Khalifa to be a part of the project.

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What will be the role of Mia Khalifa in this season? According to Ramy Youssef, Ari Katcher and Ryan Welchproducers of the show, the actress comes to the show ‘as herself’.

“It will be presented as the star of the social networks that is in a scene with our protagonist ‘Ramy Hassan’” they explained.

Trailer of Ramy season 2 on Hulu

Lazy loaded component

The series, famous for being the first tv comedy muslim-american, addresses topics such as relationships outside of marriage, gender discrimination, and intolerance are anti-muslim, as described by Los Angeles Time.

The 10 chapters of the series will be available starting this Friday, may 29, on Hulu.

Mia Khalifa and her life fitness on social networks


The actress ‘ life took a radical turn when he decided to move away from the adult industry and make inroads in the community fitness. Its more than 19 million followers are witnesses of his style to ‘fit’ that keeps the base of exercise and good nutrition.