Mia Khalifa raised the temperature during the isolation | Diario de Cuyo


The quarantine has not been an excuse for Mia Khalifa stop your exercise routine, an activity that usually began to share in Instagram after retiring from her career as an actress of adult videos.

Although he has complained about his need to return to the gym, Mia Khalifa tries to stay in physical form from home, even some of his followers have been amazed by their new appearance and there are those who speculate about these changes, because it now looks a lot more thin. In this regard, the former actress spoke about her progress in size, has a record from last December, then eight years ago came to weigh a little over 77 kilogram. Now take virtual classes to stay fit.

However, the current commentator of sports, who recently surpassed 20 million followers on Instagram, it has been shown nostalgic for a return to restaurants and open spaces. The confinement has caused problems for sleeping and has dabbled in the popular network TikTok.

“The Covid-19 I has ruined the life”, was one of the messages that shared the influencer in your history of Instagram, not referring to a possible contagion, but to the cancellation of the National Hockey League, sport which is a fan

Mia Khalifa has had to adapt to no longer go to the gym, but managed to establish a training site with equipment purchased by Amazon, where your instructor sends you to routines via video.