NFL: Colin Kaepernick, the new Cassius Clay fight antirracial in the united States


Colin Kaepernick in an act to the end of 2017.
Colin Kaepernick in an act to the end of 2017.

Son the great-grandchildren of Joe Louis. The grandchildren of Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella. The children of Bill Russell, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Muhammad Ali and Arthur Ashe… As all these legends, a group of elite athletes blacks -or african americans, faithful to the euphemism that is used in the united States- have been busy the plpitos of public opinion these das to denounce the barbarism of racial a pas that doesn’t end to shake off that injustice.

The death of the citizen of color George Floyd at the hands of a police of Minneapolis -eight minutes with your knee by tightening the collar on the floor – has returned to carry the revolt to the streets. Llova on wet roads. Haca less than three months that had been killed the young Ahmaud Arbery in Brunwsick (Georgia) by two guys who you pursued with weapons when bean went out to run.

No athlete has meaning ms for this fight the former player of the NFL Colin Kaepernickwhose fisonoma, afro hair endless, it helps to identify you as a real speaker. He was one of the last in significarse, but did so with a forcefulness fabulous.

“When the acts cvicos lead us to the death, the revolts are the only reaction logic. The so-called peace caern, and when you do find them all deaf, because your violence has caused this resistance. We have the right to return to fight. Lies, George Floyd,” said the quaterback made famous three seasons ago when kneel down while I listened to the hymn of american parties in an act that purports to call the attention about the laxity with which the government of the country faces the issues of racial violence and the brutal police response.

The figure of Kaepernick emerges again as the symbol of the new generation of athletes involved with inequalities. Your challenge provoc the rejection of the teams of the NFL. Being the brain of the runner up team pas to the contempt of the 31 franchises remaining. Unlikely. However, the support of Nike and the backing of stars such as Lebron James have become the leader ‘in pectore’ response sports this fight.

James I added to Instagram a picture that reinforces the facet icnica of Kaepernick. In it you can see the police of Minneapolis in a photo next to the body of Floyd and in the image side to the former player of San Francisco 49ers kneeling before a match. “This… is Why”. (“This… is the reason for this”, come to mean). The megastar of the NBA, wrote below: “do you understand now or you still vindolo blurry? #awake”.

In a manner not premeditated, Kaepernick is the symbol in this last half-decade. Your message -except the last Thursday – does not have the depth of those of James or Stephen Curry, but the pomposity of his actions and the fact of having been rejected by the teams of the NFL without a reason convincing -it was not good enough?- what has risen to the figure of the two basketballers.

Besides, it has a profile markedly activist. It has gotten l slo in the epicenter of the struggle. Do not pass a bound as we happened to Lebron, that pas to action after the mother of Tamir Rice, a child of 12 years old shot by police in Cleveland in 2014, condemn your silence.

James had to explore a world that was not familiar to other myths of the NBA since Abdul Jabbar, types external to the policy whose sentence ms deviant was Michael Jordan when he said that “and also republicans buy shoes.” Jordan always saw himself as a basketball player. And nothing ms.

Kaepernick, christian-methodist, has been the driving force behind a faccin modern of the Black Panthers, the extremist party of the osa 60 to errneamente is adhiri to John Carlos and Tommie Smith when they raised the puo with the glove black on the podium of the 200 metres of the Games Olmpicos de Mexico in 1968.

In some way, and as it has been in charge of remember the cover of Time magazine, they are times of true parallelism with the events that took place one year after the assassination of Martin Luther King. Especially in the ‘trenches’ african-american. If Ali, when al was Cassius Clay, termin to be a friend of MLK by ties, by the hatred which both stirred up their enemies -“if I had a sport olympic by the amount of death threats he received, Ali and King rivaling for the gold,” said John Carlos– now Kaepernick assumes that role.

The balance of and dispositions towards their person are balanced. The endorsement of Nike who led for two years the mascarn bow of your campaign provoc that many clothing of the swoosh to burn as a symbol of protest.

But, at his side, has grown the speech deliverer. The athlete who is exposed to what has happened to him to defend the rights of the minoras. Ali arriesg to end up in prison and lost the title the world for its negacin the government of Johnson and his policy in Vietnam; Kaepernick has lost his job. For many it is the Ali of this generation.

Kaepernick has not been creased before the reviews. Is an athlete with true tone intellectual. A little before graduating from the University of Nevada in Business gave a coefficient of 38 in the test of the Wonderlic, a tool that measures the level of general intellectual in 12 minutes.

Cognitive skills, creative motivation and personality. A comparison amazing to the average quarterback in the NFL who is 24 and above the average of any race including systems analysts. It is a slave that reads is, as you said a columnist for american a couple of years.

The last incident of Minneapolis is another field of battle to the guy who was given in adoption. Besides Curry, and James, and also of Stephen Jackson, an NBA player that conoca to Floyda crowd of marked personalities of the sport have wanted to manifest: Lewis Hamilton, Simon Bill, Sloan Stephens, Sanya Richards, Isiah Thomas

The movement is holstico and not cie to the sport. The singer Beyonce alz voice, like Madonna. “This has to stop! Until we can overcome the racism in the united States, no one should be allowed to carry a gun. Especially policemen. God bless you George Floyd-I’m So sorry for you and your family. Ever finish? Until then, fuck the police!”, he stated the veteran singer without any shyness in social networks.

Naomi Campbell, Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Viola Davis, Halle Berry, Janet Jackson… the wick is bean running with no control and was not going to stop until you get justice. The motion ‘justice for Floyd’ ll (and full) profiles of a large part of the united States. It is a cry. It has generated a account to require that the four policemen be arrested.

Kim Kardashian, the well-known influencer, and also left your message, but it was ms explcita the Hollywood star Mandy Moore: “George Floyd was killed by 4 officers in Minneapolis on Monday. The video is disgusting. White friends: we can not allow this. We have the burden of dismantling the supremaca blanca. Begins by sending a text message to be accused.”

The pressures suggest that the death of Young will have serious consequences. A demonstration in virtual mode has begun. And in the first row you can see Kaepernick.