OMG! Jennifer Aniston was seen leaving a restaurant where he was a former…. is there a reconciliation?

There is No doubt that Jennifer Aniston it has stolen all of our attention on these months, not only for its grandiose projects, looks for red carpet or because things between her and Brad Pitt still have an energy that we don’t know to decipher it very well… but because of the fact there are many people of the past of Jennifer Aniston that have been around your current lifestyle and not have been able to escape the cameras of the paparazzi.

On this occasion, the news revolves around her… and John Mayer.

Jennifer Aniston was seen eating at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Hollywood, which is not what we would call so much attention, not that he crossed paths with the singer John Mayer, with whom he had a relationship from 2008 to 2009, whose only major appearance was at the Ceremony 81 of the prizes Oscar of The Academy.

In general, it is not very clear if things between them were left in peace, as it was John Mayer who cut with her and Jennifer Aniston it showed annoyed by this act, but at the end of the day the only conclusion reached was that they were on friendly terms.

It is not clear if Jennifer and him ate together or crossed words… but what will be this a coincidence? Everybody in Hollywood know that this is one of the favorite places of Jennifer Aniston in Los Angeles, so if an ex goes… it should be for something. And regardless of this, Jennifer Aniston has had a streak of unstoppable meetings with his past, like he had with Brad Pitt during the last Christmas, or with her ex-husband Justin Theroux at the thanksgiving Feast.

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