Oops… did Kylie Jenner wiped out a photo of Instagram, for editing (bad) your body?


All we ever modified a photography our to upload to Instagram. A filter here, another there. However, if something makes the police of the Internet are mad, is when the celebrities do it, and worse, when Photoshop doesn’t find it and the changes are more than evident. On the other hand, now that we speak of self-love, self-esteem and acceptance, to modify parts of the body it should not be a rule nor should it make us feel bad the reality that we are.

Well, Kylie Jenner decided to upload some photos to edit, and of course the users are realized. The result? Kylie Jenner you have deleted the photos, poorly edited, to re-upload with the corrections are well made. But of course, nothing is forgotten on the Internet.

In the photos we can see Kylie Jenner posing in a bikini, which of course in a matter of seconds, gathered million of likes by your followers.

Users realized that there were “curves” evil edited around his body, showing that you edited those parts to be machined.

The edge of the pool is the area where it becomes very apparent editing of the photo.

Before the comments of the photos, Kylie Jenner decided to delete the photos, then upload them already by cutting that part. And it is not like that Kylie Jenner have to give explanations to their followers by the decisions you make about your personal photos… but come on! Edit the photos as it is not a rule, just remember that. You are perfect!