“Racism is not doing worse, is being filmed”: Will Smith


From days ago an event that has shocked the public opinion. A man named George Floyd he died after a police kneel on her neck long enough to suffocate. There have been protests about it and the celebrities have not escaped the indignation.

Many are those who have written expressing their disagreement against the action of an official who should protect us, and in this case obviously murdered her arrested. Also, users around the world have expressed their opinion about a fact that is not isolated in the united States.

Has been around one of the phrases of the actor Will Smith: “Racism is Not Getting Worse, it’s Getting Filmed” (Racism is not doing worse, is being filmed). The actor and his wife Jada Pinkett have manifested on several occasions against racism american.

His phrase has been shared by a number of celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, another of the singers who no doubt always raise the voice against the injustice. In reality encompasses everything that has happened in the north american country.

This is not the first case that has shocked the world by the cruelty of the same. It is a recurrent theme in the entertainment, they have made documentaries and films from other cases heart-rending, and it is a problem that permeates all areas of the country.

Let us remember the case of Trayvon Martin, a teenager of 17 years was murdered by his color. It was February 26, 2012 in Stanford, Florida, united States. George Zimmerman was the coordinator of neighborhood watch, he was 28 years old. Shot Martin, a student who was just visiting his family.

The incident was reviewed by the Justice Department of the united States, but there was no additional charge for “insufficiency of evidence”.

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