Reveals singer Michael Jackson tried to get with Halle Berry

Through an Instagram live with Teddy Riley, the singer Babyface shocked fans of the King of Pop after he confessed that on one occasion Michael Jackson asked him to call Halle Berry to go out with her.

Apparently it was when Babyface played a remix of the song of Michael Jackson “Human Nature”.

“Speaking of MJ, it reminds me of a story, a real story, a fun fact. Once, Michael called me and said: ‘Babyface, do you know who is Halle Berry?’” told , what this said to know it.

“He said: ‘would You do me a favor? I want you to call because I want to take her to an appointment,” said Babyface.

Babyface she mentioned to Riley “I can’t tell you exactly what he said Halle, but I imagine that would probably have been something like this…”.

It was then when the producer cut to a clip of Berry in the movie “Boomerang”, so that until now it is unknown if they left or not.

Halle Berry has not mentioned anything about it.

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