REVIEW | Godzilla II: the King of The Monsters, is facing the titans who destroyed the world


Godzilla will fight in this occasion against Mothra, Roll, and his great nemesis, Ghidorah three headed. In addition, this film marks the debut on the big screen Millie Bobby Brown, best known as Eleven of Stranger Things.

Mexico city, 31 may (However).- Have you ever imagined Godzilla fighting against the titans of three heads and defending the planet Earth? Just that is the premise of Godzilla II: the King of The Monsters, movie starring Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga and Millie Bobby Brownin his first role for the cinema, which is coming this Friday to theaters.

The cast is completed by Bradley Whitford, Sally Hawkins, Charles Dance, Thomas Middleditch, Aisha Hinds, David Strathairn, among others, under the direction of Michael Dougherty.

This time Godzilla has turned away from life “social” and has not been shown in public for several years, however, the agency crypto-zoological Monarch is still working to locate all of the monsters or species supreme ancient of the earth that were thought to be only a myth. Unfortunately an event that makes you awaken from your dream and return to the surface to compete for the supremacy endangering humanity. This leads to Godzilla to fight Mothra, Roll, and his great nemesis, Ghidorah three headed.

What can we expect? An entertaining film, palomera, that serves to decompress and just go spend a while in the cinema watching fights between mounstruos that destroy cities (such as Mexico), and just this is the most spectacular part of the tape and her strength.

Among the human characters it touches on the topic of the damage that people cause to the Earth and some radical postures in the face of this. This part of the story may be predictable, but really when you talk about a movie of Godzilla is expected that the monster is the protagonist, and this is exactly what the film has, outside of that there is no proposal or reflection.

The quality of Vera Farmiga is reflected in all her performances and this occasion is no exception. With respect to Millie Bobbie Brown, still hard to stop thinking about her as Eleven but it does well with their role who gets into several problems with the monsters

Godzilla II: the King of The Monsters will please fans of the genre Kaiju because in comparison with the first delivery in is appears a lot more and the story itself revolves around the japanese monster.

Official poster. Photo: Facebook WarnerBrosPicturesMexico