Rihanna as you’ve never seen


There are a lot of people (usually in-laws and beings of the underworld) who think that being a artist it is simple. That will give all they have done and who work less than the rest of the mortals.

And there are two big mistakes in that way of thinking, the first thing that work more hours with less responsibility and the brain off is not working more and the second that no one gets up by the grace of God.

But that thought is the fruit of ignorance and intellectual laziness. To prepare a disk or a tour is a effort quite large, not only for the months that entails, but also because you expose yourself to the people you judge.

And if the results are not as desired (in something as subjective as art), the audience in a world dominated by social networks can be quite cruel. That does not happens to my cousin the Post, although his work is equally respectable.

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Produced by Amazon and issued on its platform, “Savage x Fenty Show” it is a sample of everything mentioned above, even if it is a line of underwear created by Rihanna.

A documentary in which we can see the artistic process and creative of Rihanna for her latest collection of lingerie, that includes a spectacular show of submission.

The creative process of Rihanna in “Savage x Fenty”

Directed by Alex Rudzinski and Sandrine Orabona and with barely an hour long, the film shows us the involvement of Barbados in the design, the choice of models, the aesthetics, lighting, artists, and dance in his collection, which also includes models of all weight and sizes, as they could learn from it the rest of brands of all sorts.

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Like most documentaries of this type, we are aware of the effort and responsibility that implies any kind of act ambitious when you have all the spotlights of the world on you.

It is true that the artist has a wonderful team of creators, but at the end she is the one who has to make the final decisions, approving the product as a whole (from fifty different departments) and on which rests the responsibility.

“Savage x Fenty Show” is not going to change the history of the documentarybut if it helps to contribute in the right image that we have of the artists. An hour of lessons for free on marketing, advertising, fashion, and art that, to anyone who has a few minimal concerns, it will seem as entertaining as useful and satisfactory. And if you are fan Rihanna, that is not my case, we assume you will enjoy even more.