Rosalia surprise to his fans to imitate in voice and dance, Shakira


There is No doubt that Rosalia is one of the best singers on the current scene. Even endeavouring to know all of the artist of the moment, until now, we had not discovered that the imitation is another of his great skills. As well demonstrated by emulating Shakira in her latest interview for Elle magazine.

Fulfilling a challenge of music, the Catalan dared to sing and even to dance like the diva colombian simulating his voice so personal, and his characteristic movement of bellyleaving their fans in awe before the good imitation. The game was part of the content of the edition of Elle, american for the that the Spanish has starred in the cover, and it consisted in identifying a song from a few random words that are proposed.

To Rosalia touched him sing a topic that contains the word “body”, and she came to the head ‘Hips Dont Lie’ by Shakira. Recall that the singer was her idol in the past and, in addition, not only listened to his music but the mimicked. Since small, the interpreter of ‘height’ was trying to perform the movements of the colombian-inspired belly dance, confessing that he has never believed that to do it well.

But what is true is that viewing this action not only we discover that it is a good imitator, but always, since his character more fun, you get everything that is proposed. And I was not going to be an exception to the interpretation of Shakira that so often mentioned is being on the part of the followers of Rosalia. Precisely because if it was a big surprise that the Spanish artist to appear on the cover of Elle in the united States, this facet, hitherto hidden, of the singer yes, we have been impressed definitely.