Salome Rodriguez wants to follow Shakira


Salome Rodriguez Ospina excels in social networks with their steps and demonstrations of dance.

The daughter of the soccer player colombian James Rodriguez and model Daniela Ospina found a singer, barranquilla his greatest inspiration.

“Since I saw Shakira in the Super Bowl, and he could do with JLo, let’s say that gave as much security to continue to do so and began with all his videos. She tells me what he likes to share and what’s not”, said the proud mother.

Despite his young age, the little you already have defined your expectations of life.

My dream is to dance and sing and for that you have to fight and there is that study” he told Shannon in an interview with the News Caracol.

“To Salo of truth from chiquita loves to dance. Likes to be very perfectionist and fix all their steps,” noted Danielle.

Best of all is that found in their parents, the best accomplices.

“My dad I like very much because play with me many times and I love him so much. Also, my mom dances very well”, said Salome.

Detail that was obvious in social networks.

“That went super viral, all over the world, said to me: ‘it is not that you can’t dance’, but so is that of truth, I have a very difficult time with this dancer,” he told the entrepreneurs.

“At the end still a girl it has the support of his dad and mom, if what you like is to dance and sing because she knows that we will support,” added the model.

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