Separation. Shakira asks for time to Pique. “There is a new illusion in your life”


May 28, 2020
(13:52 CET)

Fans of Shakira you are in luck. And is that, although there is nothing official yet, it seems to be that, as they say many of the best-known colombian, “there is a new illusion in your life.”

So much so that it seems to be that the singer would request a time to your partner, Gerard Piqueto be one hundred percent focused on this new illusion. Eye, much more than one of his haters would like this new illusion a new partner, the project that excited to Shakira it has nothing to do with your relationship.

The new project of Shakira

And is that it is a new album. Yes, it was our own Shakira that, in a recent publication, and seeing that there were many followers who were claiming as new music, dropped the bomb: “I’m on it”.

A comment that came along with a picture of Shakira with a pair of headphones. And is that after more than three years without throwing a disc to the market, it seems that the colombian is eager to return to petarlo with their songs.

His last tour, despite the initial delay for his voice problems, he ended up being a success. There, now that it seems that the drama of coronavirus begins to not be so beast, the Barranquilla with this new illusion.

A few months ago already dropped that had the project in mind, but in the end it seems that it will be now when their new album go, taking the form: “I’m using each reference or item receipt as a source of inspiration. Yesterday I finished a new song that has me excited. So we’ll see what happens, I just want to keep making music and share it with all of you”, noted then.

That is why it is very likely that, as soon as possible, Shakira separate Pique and their children a time to go to the studio to record. Yes you decide to do so in Miami. We’ll see.