Serena Williams reveals her first love experience: “it Was horrible”


Serena Williams it is, 38 years old, a wife and mother happy, as she herself proclaims every time he speaks of the family formed with the entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian, 37 years old and co-founder of the website Reddit.

The tennis player and the businessman were married on November 16, 2017, after having formalized their relationship a year early and become parents of the small Alexis Olympia Ohanianwho was born on the 1st of September 2017.

Serena Alexis Olympia

Serena Alexis Olympia

Overcome the complicated delivery, derivative that Serena Williams had already been episodes of embolism dangerous, which is repeated in this complicated situation, there was a wedding.

Serena Williams won her by now last Grand Slam tournament, the 23rd, to one of the all-time record of the australian Margaret Courtin Australia 2017 while being pregnant small, which kept it a little over a year off the track.

Peeking the 39th birthday in August, Serena sees it as part of time goes by without tennis due to the coronavirus, but she reverses enjoying his family, including his sister Venushis projects outside of tennis, with the design of clothing or add-ons as the main foci, and also interacting on social networks with their followers.

In a new action with the fans, revealed how he had been her first kiss, as stated in Essentially Sport. The experience was etched in his mind and heart because “it was horrible,” admits Serena Williams, in a foreplay sentimental for oblivion, according to reports.

Before, made a gesture with Alexis Ohanian: “I could Not answer the question about my first kiss because my husband was in the other room. But as you are not going to see this…” And launched into detail the story“.

It was horrible, one of the worst experiences of my life

“It was really horrible my first kiss. I’ll never forget, was one of the worst experiences of my life. I had almost 18 years and it was as if not I would like to meet the 18. The boy, who was a graduate, you kissed me,” recalls Serena.

And “it was horrible. I remember that I felt so sick to my stomach that I ran to the house. ‘You kissed Me and I hated it’”. Recognizes Serena that is a bit dramatic with these issues and that the boy, the Italian, was then one of his best friends.