Shawn Mendes falls in love with fans of Monterrey


Shawn Mendes came to Monterrey to present The Tourdate important to the artist because it was the penultimate of his world tour and has made 105 presentations and will end next Thursday Mexico city, Mexico.

Echoing his punctuality was as the canadian left impressed at all: the point of the 20:30 hours the lights of the production were lit, and along with them a circular screen to the couple. The singer appeared in the center, in the midst of screams deafening their fans.

The classic chorus “yeah yeah” was present in the first songs that you selected for your fans, and immediately after that he turned to his audience, most of them girls, who have not sat down or stopped screaming.

Monterreyhow are you?”, said in English, and subsequently was surprised when speaking in Spanish.

“I love you”, he pointed out, to revive their language.

“I just want to take a second to thank you for your presence this night. You see these lights are amazing, the screen and the great musicians that accompany me, but the best part of this show are you, so do not stop singing as high as they can,” said the singer, causing the screams of their fans.

When you enter the site the public had received some bracelets that were synchronized to turn on at the same time and with different colors. It was in “Stitches” when the Auditorium Citibanamex it lit up blue, and along to the chorus of attendees to the venue echoed with the letter of the theme.

All it took was a fragment of the song “Señorita”, which interprets duo with his partner Camila Hairto the madness broke out.

The special effects were not were of its production, as in “Bad Reputation”, as a mist of incandescent invaded the stage at the time that the topic progressed.

The other scenario

At the edge of the 21:00 hoursthe public that was in the center of the area Beyond crazy to see that Mendes I would use a second stage in which was a piano and a pink giant, his personal seal.

The fans that were glued to the billboards could come and there were some who had the fortune of touching his hand.

“Life of the Party”, “Like to be You”, and “Ruin” were the songs that played in this second stage.

After thanking his band returned to the main stage and continued his presentation with songs like “In the Morning”, “Falling All In”, “Mercy” and an acoustic version of “Youth”.

At the edge of the 22:30 hours concluded with their first presentation in Mexico and quickly went out of the room to board a convoy of trucks, guarded by the Police of Monterrey.