Shawn Mendes returns to its origins covering to Niall Horan | Music


Shawn Mendes will it take to forget a 2019 that for him has been full of successes both in personal and professional life. After beating the attendance record at one of his concerts in his career, petar lists of sales along with Camila Hair and fill out pages and pages of tabloids with her relationship with the cuban, the canadian will still have energy left over.

The musician has wanted to pay their quirky homage to one of his colleagues in the profession and with which it shares musical vision in recent times: Niall Horan.

“@NiallHoran is back!!!” (“Niall Horan is back”) re-write your post published, as we have been able to know thanks to your profile official from Jakarta (Indonesia)

Through a story on Instagram, Shawn Mendes, accompanied by his guitar and a black and white filter has been launched to interpret Nice to meet ya, and the result will not disappoint anyone.

And if the member of One Direction appeared elegant, self-confident and very sexy in the video clip that accompanied the release of the song, you can’t say something different from the interpreter to version.

I hope the relationship between both artists remain good for many years and any time we see them collaborating or who knows if covering the new songs on the album of Shawn Mendes or are supposed to be part of the second solo album of Niall Horan and that he left some tracks in your clip.

Small talk, Still, Heartbreak weather, and No Judgment could be the titles of four songs from the new musical project of Niall. We’ll have to wait to verify that you are indeed the titles of new songs.