So it became Britney Spears the pop scene with ‘Baby One More Time’ | LOS40 Classic


The Backstreet Boys and N Sync were already caressing the success with the fingers at the end of the decade of the 90’s. The pop of these boy bands had already given great songs such as I want it that wayclassic , the end of the century. However, a name began to ring with strength and to create a new sound that would revolutionize the pop of the beginning of the century: Britney Spears.

Not bad for a young man from a small Louisiana town to leave their name in this album. Max Martin wrote and produced the debut of the princess of popbut that would not have served you well without the angelic artist. The own Britney confessed in an interview that, before you burn your disk Baby One More Timespent the previous night listening to Tainted Love of Soft Cell as a model to follow. “I wanted my voice could keep up with the pace of the song. So the night before, I stayed awake until very, very late, so when I went to the study, it would not stop” said the artist.

The whole album was full of hits. It went on sale in January of 1999 and soon reached number one on all the ránkings and sold more than 32 million copies around the world. It was from then when Britney became the pop star most famous in the Land of the end of the TWENTIETH century. In the following years, his image became more and more present, had an affair with Justin Timberlake and kissed him with Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards, among many other things. But, above all, continued with success until fame took its mental stability, and the paparazzi were chasing her with cruelty.

But what of the scandals we’ll leave for another occasion. Baby One More Timethe first single that we met Britney, he became the most successful studio of the artist, and the best cover letter possible to export an icon designed and molded to become the new princess of pop.

The disc also included (You Drive Me) Crazy, another issue that came to the number 1 LOS40 in January of 2000. Again, Britney was the ambassador of the pop at the start of the new decade. Again, it was a real hit along with its video, which featured the participation of Adam Grenierthe protagonist of Entourageand Melissa Joan Hart, the protagonist of Sabrina, the witchin the version of the 90.

(You Drive Me) Crazy wore shamelessly the same base of support that Larger Than Life of the Backstreet Boysbut somehow that made us enjoy both songs even more.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Britney was his best time. “I was very happy because I had so many good songs, but it is rare when you have a song and you can’t put your name and your personality in it“. That is what he achieved in his debut. Would continue to do more albums, scoring more successes, inspiring headlines more shocking. But in Baby One More Time, showed that it was here to stay.