Son of Madonna is criticized for its tribute to the late George Floyd


The death of George Floyd integrates the main pages of the tabloids at the global level, not only for having been at the hands of a police officer, but because it adds to the constant struggle for equality in the U.S. AND Madonna issued its opinion in the matter.

The physical loss of a man of dark complexion caused commotion, and various artists such as Salma Hayek, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey became emotional publications in their social networks, but the son of the “Queen of Pop” it was not well received.

Recall that the citizen was going to be stopped by four security agents, and when he resisted one of them suffocated, allegedly with his knee, although he begged to be left in peace. This fact has caused protests in the country.

It turns out that David’s Band performed a choreography with some moves of her mother and Michael Jackson, and he said that they were in honor of Floyd. Subsequently uploaded the video on his Twitter account, and was shared by the diva.

Using the song ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ Michael, the 14-year-old comes out on the clip in the kitchen of his residence, dressed in sportswear, and that it was a commemoration turned into something festive for celebrity.

The recording is not overlooked by the fans the singer in the network of the bird, immediately downloaded comments against: “Wow, he has finished the inequality…” and “I can’t believe that you have posted this or my eyes deceive me. I’m in shock”.

Even the artist it was a proud moment for the dance of the adolescent, making a comment on the online platform, which originated more disgust to the fans, so what they believed was going to be like ended up being a mockery:

“David dances to honor and pay tribute to George Floyd, his family and the acts of discrimination that occur daily in the united States. # Davidbanda # JusticeforGeorgeFloyd #MichaelJackson”.