Songs and videos to listen and watch now: Lady Gaga, Balls and more


This week there were launches of Lady Gaga, Balls, Monica, with Travis Scott, Louta, Bandalos Chinos, Nathy Peluso and The Flaming Lips

Lady Gaga – Chromatica

Sounds like: pop HD

Ideal for: exercise optimism

As part of a process of reconstruction personnel, the long-awaited sixth album of Lady Gaga is a delivery deliberately danceable. In a return to the genre after his disc




, that initially it was going to be released on the 10th of April, is a work of a court optimistic on where he celebrates the dance-pop, techno and house working together with figures of the EDM as Skrillex, BloodPop, Burns, Axwell and Tchami. In these 16 new tracks, Gaga exudes his frustrations and pains in lapses adherent and glossy, along with a selection of guests such as Ariana Grande (“Rain on Me”), the group of K-pop Blackpink (“Sour Candy”) and Elton John (“Sine” From Above”).

Rosalie and Travis Scott – TKN

Sounds like: reggaeton mixed

Ideal for: musicalizar a revolt night

Rosalie and Travis Scott are back to join forces. After the Spanish brought in the remix version of “Highest-in-the-Room”, now Scott returns goodness in “TKN”, the third single of the year after “Swear what,” and “Hurt”. In this reggaeton atmosphere at night and tense, which has its music video starring dozens of children (produced by the record label CANADA and directed by Nicolás Méndez, like the videos of “I Think your look” and “Badly”), Rosalia pays homage to Pedro Almodóvar, with whom he has worked on his last feature film

Pain and glory

when she sings “dressed in black, as Kika”, in relation to your film



Louta – 2030

Sounds like: a patchwork mental

Ideal for: a period of hiperquinesia

In line with his brief work, Louta still flying and feeding their experimental approach to pop of the XXI century. In 2030, this third album, produced to the distance, together with the former Calle 13, Eduardo Cabra (between the credits also appear Alizzz, Nico Cotton, Orodembow and Mauro De Tommaso), is a tour of sorts that takes elements from rap, trap, pop, reggaeton, rock, and funk. There, Jaime James progresses as a channeler of observations, minimum, more interested in the search of findings sonic and lyrical, that in the urgency to provide them with instant hits from the likes of the “Yesterday I saw you”, one of the peaks, gravitational


, 2018.

Bandalos Chinos – My way of being

Sounds like: retro-pop

Ideal for: musicalizar the running of the bulls

In a simple double as a preview of his upcoming album, Bandalos Chinos exposes the two faces of the same plan: “My Way” is a pop-rock vigorous linkea to the rock of the 80’s, with pianos and guitars, expansive, and nods to Charly and Queen alike; and “AYNMG” is a ballad of home and melancholy, where all the effect lies in the voice piping and warm-Goyo Degano. The two songs, accompanied by a video made by Tomás Terzano, were recorded in January in the studies Sonic Ranch of Texas under the production of Adam Jodorowsky, also the producer of


h, the last disc of Bandalos Chinos), released in 2018.

Nathy Peluso – Buenos Aires

Sounds like: R&B autumn

Ideal for: a snack on the balcony

In his new single, successor of the portentous “Business Woman”, Nathy Peluso pays homage to its hometown. Although it was recorded at the end of 2019, “Buenos Aires” fits perfectly with the situation of confinement. “What will happen out there? I started to get used to the noise of the sidewalk. I can rewind, and pause to what will happen, but at 3 in the morning we all look at when it rains in the city,” sings Peluso between nostalgia and sadness. In the video, recorded from their quarantine in Spain, will stir up images of Buenos Aires and a family archive where you can watch with your family, eating and playing, with only five years.

Balls – Never played – At home

Sounds like: cooker mass

Ideal for: your song sheet home

A little more than two months of the departure of

It Is As Well

his eleventh disc, The Balls release a version of home of “Never played”, the track number four

Wake up

his eighth album released in 2009. With the members playing from their respective houses, this version relaxed, with peruvian cajon, piano, guitar and bass, adds a plus of nostalgia from the attitude of the warrior sage of Germán Daffunchio. The credits of all of this are in the family: the audio by Uriel Mckern and the video by John Daffunchio.

The Flaming Lips – Flowers of Neptune 6

Sounds like: pop dream

Ideal for: a period of lisergia domestic

In his first song of the 2020, The Flaming Lips seals in collaboration with the country music singer american, Kacey Musgraves, on “Flowers of Neptune 6”, a ballad pompous of dream pop, orchestrated and full of nuances. It is still unknown if the song, which features a video directed by the same Wayne Coyne alongside George Salisbury, will be part of a new disk of the band or if it is a single individual. The last album of the group was

King’s Mouth: Music and Songs

2019, in addition to the collaboration with Deap Vally, titled “Deap Lips”, published this year.

Texts by Juan Barberis