Sophie Turner deploys wings – 16/06/2019


After years of tragedies, upheaval and cataclysm, Invernalia is safe again and on the way to its recovery under the command able the new queen of the North: Sansa Stark. On an afternoon a bright march, the actress the interprets exploring a new kingdom. From the high building of a hotel on the southern tip of Manhattan, Sophie Turner he noted the port bright and beyond, to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Turner moved here from London in 2018 and made it a reality the dream of a lifetime to live in New York —of course, that life just is 23 years oldbut a dream is a dream— when he moved along with pop star Joe Jonas.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

When interviewed, Jonas was still his fiance; Game of thrones he had not yet released his divisive final season, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the new film that stars and more stars established such as James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence take the passenger seat, still so far away that there seemed to be something real. “I still feel like in a bubble,” said Turner.

But things move quickly when you’re 23 years old, and even more when pasás of one of the franchises of the pop culture most popular in the world. In the weeks after the interview, married Jonas in Vegas; attended the parade at the Gala of the Met, appeared in the covers of great magazines as Vogue with goats and a horse disguised as a unicorn, and completed her role of Sansa by moving the gears that did that Daenerys Targaryen is back incendiariamente crazy in A game of thrones.

Recently premiered X-Men: Dark Phoenix, a film in which both Turner as the main character who interprets, Jean Grey, they leave behind their whims to see if they are able to achieve more than you imagine. For Turner, it meant to overcome Game of thronesyour home for a large part of the last decade, to find out if your own arsenal of superpowers includes the ability to lead a film of great budget.

The idea, he admitted, is terrifying. “Basically, I oriné of fear”, she commented on her reaction, when Simon Kinberg, screenwriter and director of the Dark Phoenix, he explained, for the first time how much the movie depends on his performance.

But what’s unique about grow inside a phenomenon so magical and violent as Game of thrones is that it leaves you more or less ready for anything in the entertainment business. The goats and the unicorns on the covers of a magazine are nothing compared to the dragons and the armies of the dead.

For a girl who was raised in a small village in the English (Chesterton, about 100 miles northwest of London) and after you joined the program HBO at the age of 13, the production protected it was also a refuge from a world that was becoming more complicated with the fame and the exposure that entails to be in a successful television series.

Sansa Stark. Photo: HBO
Sansa Stark. Photo: HBO

The entire cast was a bunch of emotions, while the production was coming to an end —“it Was a festival of tears; the makeup artists we hated it,” recalls Turner— and she in particular felt a spike of terror existential: “I Began to think: who am I without the series? What do I do? What do I love? I don’t have an identity.”

Are fears that are understandable. Though the truth is that Turner is on pace to become the biggest star out of the series, a young celebrity charismatic, whose fame and opportunities likely will continue to expand now that there is rolling the program seven months of the year.

It is part of three large universe: the Game of thrones, the Marvel and the brothers Jonas, even if you’re not used to the attention that involve all of them. “I dislike to be myself in public,” he said. “I prefer to be a character.”

In person it is funny and relaxed, in addition to who is open about their problems in the past with depression and feelings of insecurity. “When I’m on set, I feel great. But when all is over, the anxiety emerges”.

It is difficult to reconcile the displeasure of being in public and anxieties with the actress’s sculptural, while sitting comfortably and drinking tea. But it is that combination of security and vulnerability which made credible the trajectory of Sansa throughout eight seasons, from neófita immature leader imperative. It is the same quality that made that Kinberg would like for the role of Jean Grey, a heroine emotionally delicate with more power than you know to handle.

“He is a person of extraordinary appearance and 1.75 metres in height that also feels so insecure and broken as the rest of us,” said the director on Turner.

A few months ago, the actress said that she was curious to know what would be the reactions to the final season of the series, and he agreed that it was distressing that the film X-Men which stars will premiere it so close to the last episode of Game of thrones, given the scrutiny that would be provided to each project and, therefore, she.

The reaction to the final episode was mixed. “People have an idea of how you want something done and if it does not go your way, rebel,” he said Monday, after the issuance of the last chapter of the saga.

In reference to the signatures of tens of thousands of people who want that HBO remakes the season, continued to express his discontent: “All of those signatures and petitions and that… is a lack of respect for the team and the writers and directors who worked tirelessly for more than ten years and then for eleven months only for that season.”