Sophie Turner doesn’t want Joe Jonas kissing with any girl in your video clips

Sophie Turner back to being a free woman after completing their participation in Game of Thrones. The end of the series has left the fans with mixed feelings, but the actress that fio to life, Sansa Stark is happy after having terminated your stage in that fiction. And although job offers insurance that is not short, Sophie has had a wonderful idea to entertain, and, of step, to avoid that other women closer to your husband Joe Jonas. What we are faced with the Sophie Turner more jealous?

That is what it seems at first glance though, if you value your proposal carefully, it has nothing of crazy. Joe Jonas is back with the Jonas Brothers, who have already announced a world tour that will bring them to Barcelona and Madrid to the delight of their fans.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

In addition, it is anticipated that to take out some singles and they roll their corresponding video clips. And here is where Sophie Turner has something to say. And is that the actress, who married the last month with Joe in Las Vegas and by surprise, has been proposed to be the partner of her husband in all the music videos that go rolling from now on.

Since Sophie Turner is an actress, why not? And now that you have free time you can mold your schedule to the filming of the Jonas Brothers… In fact, in the clip Sucker
both she and Priyanka Chopra, the wife of Nick Jonas and Danielle Jonas, the wife of Kevin, interpreted to the female partners of their guys.

Many have seen in this proposal, a certain vein of a jealous part of Sophie though… why let other women kiss with Joe Jonas may be she who always make? However, and despite the logic and the soundness of the idea, the proposal did not come to fruition. Or at least, that has been given to understand your own question, Joe.

“Sophie has shown to be quite firm with the idea to interpret all my couples in the videos that we make from now on, but I have already said that I think it will be a little impossible,” said Joe Jonas The Guardian. Why? Do not know, but surely even you will have to discuss it (and a lot) with Sophie.

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