Suicide Squad 2: What are the main characters not to return in the upcoming sequel?


Some of the original members of the Suicide Squad will return in the sequel independent of James Gunn, but five main characters will not return.

  • Some of the characters most renowned will appear in a new delivery, but others very important.
  • What are the changes in the cast, at the address and when we’ll see the new movie in the cinemas.
  • Joker is one of the main characters that we will not be able to see in the return of the Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad will hit theaters in 2021 with a change of direction and alignment is restored, that will not continue with some important characters from the first installment.

What characters are not returning to the action?

The películamantendrá many elements of the Suicide Squad of David Ayer, but it won’t be a direct sequel. Several important figures of the first Suicide Squad will be the film of James Gunn, but other anti-heroes do not count with the same luck.

In 2019, the director James Gunn revealed the full cast of The Suicide Squad with new characters such as Ratcatcher (Danielle Melchior) and Polka-Dot Man (David Dastmalchian) among their ranks.

They will be joined by the characters better received than the first film and replace the that it will not return.


Will Smith was one of the first figures attached to the sequel to Suicide Squad, even before the plans for its production were specific. After completing the first film, Smith and director David Ayer worked together on the movie Bright Netflix.

However, Yesterday abandoned the production of Suicide Squad 2, and Smith was unable to stay in the project because of scheduling conflicts when it was delayed. Now, it is safe to say that Smith’s Deadshot will not return for the sequel.


With the absence of Jared Leto in Birds of Prey , the return of the Joker in The Suicide Squad is made less feasible. The Prince of Crime Clown was originally meant to play an important role in the first film, but the biggest part of your presence ended up being cut for the final product.

In Suicide Squad , throws a small wrench in the plans of Amanda Waller and help to establish the origin of Harley Quinn, but ultimately does not represent a greater influence on the general history.

The crocodile Killer

Played by the actor from Lost and Game of Thrones, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, the iconic enemy of Batman is one of the founding members of the squad, as Amanda Waller in the film of 2016, and one of the key players in their victory over The Enchantress (Cara Delevingne).

However, the actor stated that it would not return to The Suicide Squad, James Gunn.


In a similar way to the Joker, is supposed to be a Katana (Karen Fukuhara) originally would play a more important role in Suicide Squad.

The progress of the film of 2016 even showed part of a scene of a Katana that was cut, in which the samurai warrior would be controlled mentally by the Lovely and turned on the computer.

This sequence, along with other images are discarded, is the subject of the movement “Yesterday’s Cut”, a petition to release the director’s cut of the film similar to the long-awaited Snyder’s Cut of Justice League .

June Moon / Enchantress

Despite the return of her lover Rick Flag in the sequel, it is not expected that the Doctor June Moon’s return.

Face Delevignge has always been the actress least likely to return to The Suicide Squad from that your character completed its full arc in the first delivery and returned to being a normal human being without any intention to return to the anguish that had to happen.