Suicide Squad 2: What Do you need the new movie to be different from the first delivery?


The film Suicide Squad at DC did not receive a high rating, and now James Gunn is having problems. What should you do Suicide Squad in a different way?

How can The Suicide Squad to prevent the slaughter of criticism given to his predecessor? Launched in 2016, the original film of DC’s Suicide Squad had everything that I needed: a cast full of stars, the feature film debut of a favorite cosplay of the convention on Harley Quinn and new Joker played by a recent Oscar winner.

The good fortune of Suicide Squad continued when the trailers and the marketing of the film met with an enthusiastic response and a lot of rumors.

However, despite having a good performance at the box office, the Suicide Squad was criticized by the critics and the reaction of the fans was not much better.

A better villain

Choose the villain proper, and to execute it effectively is a problem with the movies superheroes have fought for a long time on both sides of the division Marvel / DC.

For each Loki, Killmonger, the Joker, or Roman Sionis, there are many more quickly forgotten as soon as it has been given the final blow. The Enchantress of Suicide Squad it is one of the biggest culprits.

Greater focus on the story

It is a basic concept, but Suicide Squad attracted bad reviews mainly because you do not have a good history.

The true strength of the film is its colorful cast of characters, and it is clear that he has worked a lot for creating and performing the trio central Quinn, Deadshot and Rick Flag. But this occurs at the expense of a story intriguing and substantial.

Present at the suicide squad

A common trap of the film of the superhero team (especially with a team composed of members entirely new) it is how to present naturally to each character to the audience and highlight them in a way that does not impede the momentum of the film.

Many films struggle with this task until a certain point, from Avengers: Endgame aside the Captain Marvel until Justice League, leaving the greater part of the origin story of Cyborg.

More of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie, is widely regarded as the most enjoyable part of the Suicide Squad, and it is probably one of the few elements that could be incorporated directly into the tracking James Gunn without any alteration.

That said, Quinn has improved greatly in his output more recently as part of the alignment of Birds of Prey.