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The contest organized by TC Candler, The 100 most beautiful faces in the 2020continues to provide what to talk about. Until the moment are dozens of international artists, the nominees for the contest and there are still many that are waiting to be included in the famous list.

There is still a lack for dissemination of the results,so that the organization continues to reveal new participants each week. Here is a list of the stars that have been considered recently to compete for the coveted title.

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Jennifer Lawrence

The protagonist of The hunger games came to the competition as one of the last nominated. Despite the fact that their participation was finalized a short time ago, their fans have shown their support and Jennifer Lawrence already boasts more than 17,000 interactions.

Jennifer Lawrence nominated by TC Candler

Noah Centineo

Since its appearance in the Netflix movie ‘all the boys that I fell in love with’, Noah Centineo has become one of the leading men most popular Hollywood. The actor, who recently ended his relationship with the influencer Alexis Ren, has accumulated more than 38,000 ‘likes’.

Noah Centineo nominated by TC Candler

Milett Figueroa

A peruvian beauty more that is considered for The 100 most beautiful faces in the 2020! The national artist was included by TC Candler due to the energetic orders of their followers and fans. Milett Figueroa celebrated his nomination on Instagram, and its more than 43,000 votes, expressing: “it was time”.

Milett Figueroa nominated by TC Candler

Kit Harington

Internet users don’t care about that Kit Harington do not use social platforms. The protagonist of Game of thrones has conquered the hearts of his followers with his interpretation of John Snow. The british has managed to accumulate almost 10,000 ‘likes’.

Kit Harington nominated by TC Candler


The actress recently celebrated another anniversary of his musical debut at the met in 15 years of the release of “Pon de replay”, an issue that rose to fame. Rihanna now has one more reason to celebrate, because it was also included among the recent nominees for the contest TC Candler. Its millions of followers have voted and, for the moment, has over 33,000 ‘likes’.

Rihanna nominated by TC Candler

Zac Efron

The american actor is definitely one of the stars most beautiful of Hollywood. Zac Efron has always been praised for physique and face, for this reason it has been considered for the contest and it’s already shaping up as one of the preferred. It has nearly 42,000 votes.

Zac Efron nominated by TC Candler

Cole Sprouse

The exestrella Disney has gradually gained notoriety in the world of entertainment after starring in the series Riverdale; however, many still remember him for his role in Zack and Cody, twins in action. Cole Sprouse has accumulated roughly 74,000 interactions on Instagram, and now fans are wondering if his twin brother Dylan will also be included in the contest.

Cole Sprouse nominated by TC Candler

Lili Reinhart

Coincidentally, she was nominated for the competition The 100 most beautiful faces of 2020 the same day that your former spouse Cole Sprouse. Lili Reinhart, who also participates in the series Riverdale; has for the moment more than 41,000 interactions on the social platform.

Lili Reinhart nominated by TC Candler

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How to vote for my favorite artist in the competition, the 100 most beautiful faces?

To vote for any of the nominees for the contest you must enter to the official page of Instagram of TC Candler. Once you have logged in to the profile it should look for the photograph of the artist of preference.

TC Candler on Instagram

After you have located the image you should proceed to perform an interaction with the publication or you must leave a comment. The organizers of The 100 most beautiful faces in the 2020 accumulate voting totals, and whoever has the most reactions will be named the winner of the contest.

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