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It is very common that when we are children, we we put the clothes and shoes of our parents as part of a game in which we simulated to be them, and the royalty also happens. The daughters of the queen Letizia and Felipe of Spain have taken a step beyond and have appeared in several official acts with garments and accessories your mom.

Thanks to the slender figure of the queen of Spain is that your teenage daughters, the princess Leonor and the infanta Sofia -from 14 and 13 years old – they can use some items of your closet. We recently saw the infanta Sofia use a few mules in black leather with a small heel during the minute silence that took place in the Zarzuela palace, in honor to the fallen by the Covid-19.

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Photo: El Universal / EFE

The youngest daughter of Letizia and Felipe caused a sensation by being the only one of the three royal in wear high heels, but it is known that those shoes were not his property, but of his mother. And it is a design of the signature Adolfo Dominguez.

But the one most often resorted to the wardrobe of her mother, is the heir to the throne, the princess Leonor, who usually opt for the accessories and jewelry the experiodista.

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Photo: El Universal / AFP

The princess Leonor has been captured using the same earrings in the form of bamboo that she used her mom during a trip to Cuba. She also used a menorcan and a headband Letizia the summer of 2017 in the Palm.

Last year, Leonor was a few hoops small firm of jewellers Coolook. And at the beginning of this year we saw walking the streets of the center of Madrid, walking hand in hand from their parents with the same coat of black buttons that the queen wore two winter seasons ago, in 2017.

queen letizia, infanat sofia, princess leonor

Photo: El Universal / Ballesteros, Efe

Also, we cannot forget the time that the output of the Theatre Royal to see the spectacle of the Ballet of the National Opera of Paris blazer wool white with patterned black squares and a large swath in the area of the abdomen as on both sleeves.

It seems that these two young people are faithful fans of the style of his mom and have decided to take advantage of the large wardrobe that has the queen, in addition, it is a good way to give a second use to all those clothes.

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