the character of Halle Berry could be in trouble in the upcoming sequel


The last time we saw Sofia (Halle Berry), I was helping John Wick in the third installment. When he took that decision, it was clear that there would be some repercussions. Choices have consequences and his daughter is the person in greatest danger in the upcoming John Wick 4. Stahelski agreed with this assessment when discussing the next film. Things are very difficult in the underworld of the universe of the series. Loved ones, possessions and relationships are put to the test all the time.

Fortunately for Sofia, she has to John Wick on their side this time, and we all know that the murderer is not kind to the threats against his people and their loved ones. “I would be worried for her, but would trust in the fact that Sofia is quite dangerous and will do everything possible to protect the people who matter. Obviously, she has her good side to help John as he did so. She chose the code on his own suffering, ” said Stahelski.

Screenwriter Derek Kolstad said, that despite the fact that Keanu Reeves is not fond of doing sequels, he found something very special in John Wick is very important to him, both spoken and not spoken. I don’t know how many more there will be, but I think the plan at this point is, at least, four to five.”

“The idea is, if we can. It is very negative, but if you can look at Chapter 4, and say: ‘Is it a long movie, or you take your time, let it breathe, and leave a door open for a five? I think that’s where it would be incredibly happy, ” continued the writer.” Has taken this character. What has made yours in the best possible way, so that it is not about to defer to a guy like Keanu. It is a matter of all of us excited to return to participate.”

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