The emotional reunion of Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke with Kit Harrington


Emmys Sophie and Kit
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Yesterday was the last night of Game of Thrones in the Emmys and the protagonists enjoyed it to the fullest and of course, they took several prizes home. The series broke record with 32 nominations and won the most important category: Best Drama Seriesbut before all the cast gather on the stage to receive the award, Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner had an emotional reunion with Kit Harrington and his sister in the series so praised him.

Joe Jonas could not accompany his wife to the awards ceremony, however, Sophie was not one, to his side he sat, Kit Harrington, his brother in GOT, and when he could no longer contain her excitement. Embraced with a lot of strength and happiness and said: “You look amazing”. Without a doubt, a moment between brothers worth remembering.

Here the video:

Then, Emilia Clarke, her partner in the series, reacted the same way when you see the actor in the after party of the ceremony. Despite the fact that on the screen Jon Snow and Daenerys did not have a happy endingin real life remain very much united. The protagonists of Game of Thrones were caught taking a happy moment and very emotional at the party.

Emilia and Kit
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Kit and Emilia Emmys 2019
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Both Emilia as a Kit were nominated for the category of best Actress, Best Actor from the Emmys, respectively, however neither of the two took the prize home, but that didn’t stop to have fun during and after the awards ceremony.