The exciting surprise from Will Smith to a receptionist on the day of his retirement


Will Smith, one of the actors most dear, not surprising. And now he did it with a receptionist that he met 30 years ago and that he wanted to surprise you on the day of his retirement. The woman, who is called Anita ScipioI could not believe that the actor had gone to their job fair on the last day.

In the video that the Smith went up to his account of Instagram, wrote that “I met her at the front desk before one of the first interviews of my career… and yesterday I was lucky enough to get her fired after 30 years. He said that he was happy about the day… But it was she who was glad to the mine.” The smile of the actor shows that she was happy for what he was doing.

In the pictures you will see how Will Smith comes to the front desk and Anita could not believe it. The comes with a loving huge and even calls her “mom”: “Oh, Will Smith just call me mom!” After he said that he was happy on the day of your retirement without leaving hugging him.

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The receptionist then recalls the time in which she met the actor, three decades ago: “you Came, just when you had started in this. Then I met you for the first time and now I’m back here again, it is the quadrature of the circle”. Anita continued to give credit to the actor’s presence next to her.

Smith wished that he had a happy retirement and explained to the woman what you should do: “get out there and make sure that you’re going to have fun”. Anita Scipio, sure, will never forget the day of his retirement.

Source: El Confidencial