The highly anticipated collaboration between Rosalie and Travis Scott, the ex of Kylie Jenner


Is already here, already here. Fans of Rosalia dying of desire to hear in order to his collaboration with the rapper american Travis Scott, famous, in addition to his music, for being the ex of Kylie Jenner and father of her daughter Stormiand ‘TKN’ has already premiered.

As explained by the singer, who is currently going through quarantine in the home of his representative in Miami– through the music platform Spotify, this song “is inspired by the reggaeton more classic and old. The letter has to do with the image of an artist which many times is accompanied by the image of the family, the clan, the protection, of the entourage that often surrounds the artist.”

“I felt that it was the premiere of this song, after so many months locked up, yearning for freedom or the people that we love. I hope that ‘TKN’ will give you energy, make you dance and I give you the strength if you are passing through difficult times,” explained the artist.

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Rosalia has also told how it was to work with Travis in the same study: “we Were of laughter, and taught us music, we had a great time and I loved to see how it works, he is saved himself, it is his vocals, he produces, has a lot of talent, is a musicazo“.

In the video of ‘TKN’, which takes place in an environment very urban and in the Rosalia –that still has another long-awaited collaboration with another great artist, Billie Eilish–dances accompanied by several children, Travis Scott also demonstrates his skill with the Spanish, plucking with some words in our language.

The rapper, maintaining a relationship of comings and goings with Kylie Jenner, a great friend of Rosalia, by the way, is also today, as it has come to light its possible relationship with Rihanna. Supposedly both celebrities maintained a secret affair between 2015 and 2016, just before Travis started out with the lowest of the Klan Kardashian.