The horror movies that Selena Gomez recommended


Horror movies Selena Gomez
Hereditary and The Orphan. Photos: IMDb

Selena Gomez made an Instagram Live where he hinted that it is working on new music and confirmed that it is still working on its line of beauty Rare Beauty. Although this is not their priority at the moment. What gives a lot of importance is to make good recommendations to their fans. Gomez added more horror movies to your list of recommendations.

So during the live took the opportunity to mention part of the 67 films that are a guarantee for it. So much so that it has purchased on your Apple TV. “Scary movies that we like,” he said. “Day of the Dead; Frozen 2010, that scared me a lot; Hereditary, Haunt; The Hunt; Hounds of Love the australian”, are some of the titles of horror that recommended. And we must say that not mistaken with Hereditary, you have to see it on Amazon Prime Video.

Horror movies Selena Gomez
Hereditary is on Amazon Prime Video. Photo: IMDb

In terms of the thriller, the singer recommended American Animals, Alice Creed, Hot Summer Nights (with Timothée Chalamet), Knives Out, Insidious, Revenge, The Orphan. And he warned, “this is like the next level” of terror. “I’m sure that some of you have seen Revengebut this is a great film, okay? Matilda Lutz and a woman, Coralie Fargeat,” he said.

Another of its recommendations, the gender is the classic American Psycho. In addition Ready or Not (a favorite of Guillermo del Toro), Annabelle: Creation, The Blackcoat”s Daughter, Caught and Sweetheart. In Mexico you can find these titles on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO. For example, the whole saga of Annabelle it is on Netflix, as well as Insidious. While in Amazon you find American Psycho, Hereditaryamong other of terror as The Purge.

Horror movies Selena Gomez
Ready or Not is one of the favorite films of Guillermo del Toro. Photo: IMDb

Following the list of Selena, we also recommend that you definitely see Knives Out as she mentions. It is a film of mystery who, if not you will have nightmares, you will have a great time with an outstanding cast. Starring Chris Evans, Toni Collette, Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas and Jamie Lee Curtis, who is known one of the most successful sagas of terror: Halloween.

Well, this if does not give you dread to spend the quarantine at home thinking about these horror stories…