The incredible mansion of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in Los Angeles inside


The singer and top model paid us $ 33.5 million for the farm of Beverly Hills. It has 9 bedrooms and 14 baños1, a swimming pool, tennis court, gym and even a film itself. What a curious thing? For 10 years he belonged to Madonna.
An aerial view of the property, with the large mansion of French style, the two houses side aimed at guests, a swimming pool worthy of a hotel and a tennis court. (Photo: Fotonoticias).
Mr. & Mrs Bieber. They were married in September of last year.

Buy the house that belonged to Madonna is not for everyone. But if you llamás Justin Bieber and you can disburse us $ 33.5 million, the transaction becomes possible.

Bieber and his wife, top model Hailey Baldwin, are the new owners of the mansion in which the queen of pop lived up to 2013, for 10 years.

Another aerial view of the mansion, surrounded by green. (Photo: Fotonoticias).

As expected, the mansion has it all (and more also): 9 bedrooms, 14 baths (yes, fourteen), two kitchens (the main, worthy of a contest Master Chef), social areas and living rooms private, mega swimming pool, two tennis court and the other bonus track: a gym equipadísimo and a private cinemaamong others is.

The living main, with a mega sofa in “L” for many and a table extra large wood veneer to the center. Blue and white are two tones that are repeated in the eclectic decor. (Photo: Fotonoticias).
The house adds a total of 7 fireplaces that are lit just starts cold. The illumination accompanies the classic architectural style of the French. (Photo: Fotonoticias).

The mansion of L. A.: from Madonna to Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

The mega mansion that they bought Bieber and his wife a total of 1.000 m2 of living space without counting foreign.

Madonna was its owner for a decade before selling it in 2013 to an investor of private capital for $ 19.5 million, the recycled and re-sale a year and a half later for $ 27 million.

The finca has been extensively renovated and features a main house plus two guest houses, separate.

The bar, with a bar with marble top from Carrara, high chairs with seat upholstered in blue velvet and shelves with mirrored background for the bottles. (Photo: Fotonoticias).
Another living room intimate, in one of the guest houses. The ceiling has wooden beams at sight. Armchairs with cushions in white and blue are arranged around a round table. (Photo: Fotonoticias).

A tree-lined path of stories leads directly to the farm of clear French style.

It was built in 1968 on a plot of 4,000 m2. And is divided into a main house and two others for guests with all the comforts.

In addition, it has a garden of dreams, full of vegetation.

The main kitchen (there are two in total) is crossed by a kilometre-long sandy bar in Carrara marble. Go with a few stools upholstered in blue velvet capitone. The equipment is of the latest generation. (Photo: Fotonoticias).
The table is served in the main dining room, chairs with classic upholstered capitone. The windows are in the way of bow windows. (Photo: Fotonoticias).

The guests of the young couple may enjoy the different social areas, from the large living room that flows into the garden until other more private. Cwhen the evening falls, nothing better than acodarse to the equipadísima bar, the private bar, with their seats high in blue velvet. There, Bieber displays his talents as a barman with a selection of bottles from all over the world. And at night, the scene moves to a private cinema with seating for 15 people.

The dormitororio main, generously sized. King size bed with backrest upholstered capitone and piesera the tone. The bedside tables are mirrored. (Photo: Fotonoticias).
Another view of the master bedroom. To the front, the impressive tevé, and two furniture-style morocco. (Photo: Fotonoticias).
In total, the house adds 14 baós, some with showers, others with bath and also with both, as spa. (Photo: Fotonoticias).

The house that belonged to Madonna, and now it is Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin offers nine rooms of measures more than generous, all raised to mode suites with their baths: some with shower, others with bath and other with both in addition to spa.

The pool, ready for mass celebrations when you lift the quarantine. Trees (pine, palm) printed a green background. (Photo: Fotonoticias).
An aerial view of the swimming pool, with a terrace of travertine, lounge chairs with mattresses on the range of blue and white umbrellas. (Photo: Fotonoticias).