The jewel undervalued which is hidden in Amazon Prime and other platforms


911, what is your emergency? The operator receives in hearing the faltering voice of a young woman who asks for help from the trunk of a car red. The Call (911: call fatal, in Spanish) is a gem, underrated and hidden in the catalog Amazon Prime.

The Call is directed by Brad Anderson, who in 2004 was located at the top of independent filmmakers and respected the film The Machinistwith Christian Bale.

However, far from being a tape-cutting art, or pretentious, The Call it is rather a succession of scenes full of emotion and suspense that make a proposal of quality entertainment.


Jordan Turner, a veteran operator of a call center, emergency 911, receives a call from a young woman kidnapped and works together with it to be able to save his life.


The boot is masterful. The feature film Brad Anderson start with a small presentation of the work of Jordan, played by american actress Halle Berry, and his private life, and immediately the action takes off without showing any sudden falls.

This thriller is used in its entirety for the case of a young woman kidnapped, who calls the 911 and we put in its place. Anxiety, suspense and despair to the limit.

The constant action, and suspense that it comprises, soon becomes a protagonist in the film. About 90 percent of the tape of Anderson hangs on this feature.

This speaks well of the film when you consider that the interest generated is genuine and without defects. Not for nothing was us $ 60 million of commercial collection.

And is that although they may be labeled as a film of pure action, The Call to fight for to get out of that. To do this, the formula that serves the filmmaker is turning away from the conventions, and the fiction to get closer to reality through a situation that has happened at the emergency hotline 911.

The logistics with working the 911 operators and the pressure to which they are subject is the way that gives shape to the tape. So in addition to grant you actually added suspense to the story.

On the other hand, the script was written by Richard D Ovidiowho is responsible for creating stories like the one from 13 ghosts. While in The Call writes a story with a few holes of boredom.

Also, Richard D Ovidio get that empaticemos quickly with the protagonists. Especially with Jordan Turner, in whom the emotional load is heavy.


Unfortunately, the film Bred Anderson abused in times of drama and suspense. This causes several of the times has incredibility in the sequences. As well as behaviour out of the ordinary in the characters.

Act to enhance the suspense also makes The Call a feature film that emulates series as Criminal Minds. In this type of productions, we use a model in which it chases the evil character until the end of the chapter.

The same thing happens in The Call. In fact, in its entirety, the film resembles a television format.


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