The king of Tik Tok: the anger of Luis Hernandez with Jennifer Lopez after removing the wig

There is no doubt that Tik Tok it has become the digital platform of the moment. With the home isolation in all over the world, millions and millions of people have downloaded this application today is measured with the social networks most impressive as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

A lot of people used to upload videos or just to see the content of other people and be able to spend the time. However, who really took advantage of the “boom” of the app were some celebrities, you the to upload any type of video cause a flare in their fans.

One of them is Luis Hernandez, a great character that gave us the mexican soccer. The former player is having fun with his wife and children, as well as entertain their fans. That is why it already has over 50 thousand followers on the network and goes in for more.

A few days ago, uploaded a video doing a review of his career that he was completely blown up. On this occasion, the Killer returned to give that talk with a great performance. Luis pulled on the shirt of the Mexican national team and, while giving an interview, suffered an unexpected altercation with Jennifer Lopez.

As well as is. The famous actress, singer and dancer, among other things, she “took out” the wig from the Super Bowl and caused the anger of Hernándes. “So Jennifer you are not the only famous, wait your turn please!”, wrote in the distance. The video also posted on his Twitter account and had a great impact in a matter of minutes.

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