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“I want to make it clear once more for those people who still do not understand. This is ‘ethnicity’ and… what is this? Read it, it is ‘nationality’! It is different to ethnicity… Oh, my god! Of nothing…”.

Last month, Naomi Osaka (Osaka, Japan; 22 years) satirised in a video that she hung in the social network TikTok, toe now among young people and adolescents. Tired of the atmosphere of racism that permeates the Internet, and against which, in reality, has had to fight throughout all his life, the tennis player turned to the ripple effect of the cyber –creeps to one million people through Instagram, more than half on Twitter and almost a quarter in his page of Facebook– to defend for the umpteenth time to their roots. In their accounts, look the flags of Haiti, Japan and the united States. And the correspondence is in his father, his mother and the country in which the athlete, news these days because you never no athlete had checked both money (34.2 million euros) in just one year, grew and formed to become one of the current references of the racket.

Neither Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams, the two icons marketing of the modernity of sport. In fact, no other major female figure in the sport has been able to reach economically its height. But, why? Simple: in the words of the experts, Osaka is a product practically perfect. The tennis player concentrates youth, freshness and image. His multi-ethnic heritage covers a few different markets, with the asian and the anglo-saxon to the head, and turns him into an ideal support for the environment advertising. This explains his face to accompany companies of automobile, cosmetics, airlines, noodles, clothes… and several plots, up to 15 signatures in total. “The result is a global icon of marketing” you had the specialist David Carter in the report of the magazine Forbes confirming the great ascension of the japanese.

At the beginning of 2019, one of its sponsors (Nissin Foods) was forced to withdraw an advertising campaign aesthetic anime on YouTube because I had bleached the skin of Osaka, whose physical offers an attractive formula of mestizaje: complexion mulatto girl, hair curly, and slanting eyes, on a considerable scale that reaches the 1,80 tall and 70 kilos. “We will be paying more attention to the issues of diversity in the future”, apologized from the brand. The dust made it rebobinase to the origins of the tennis player, daughter of a couple with a prickly history of racism behind their backs.

Tamaki, your mother, grew up in the city of Nemuro and when he moved to Sapporo, in 1990, he met Leonard Francois, a university of New York and of haitian origin who came to the family rejection of your partner. The reason? To be black. The woman hid the relationship for several years, but when it transpired it was interpreted as a disgrace and both had to move to Osaka, where they were born Naomi and Mari, his sister (24), also a professional player. Then came the move to Long Island, New York state, a new life without shackles. The great opportunity. Of the hand, the mirror of the Williams sisters, and the obsession of his father for a future prosperous from the sport.

“There I grew up without discrimination,” said Osaka last year in an interview with THE COUNTRY. “I don’t know if my success can change the perception of the people mestizo[callsdisparagingly[llamadasdespectivamentehafu, English, half]in Japan. I’m not sure that actually changing something”, continuing with two large already in the pocket, the US Open in 2018 and the Australian Open a year later. In fact, Osaka was the first asian who won the number one and the first japanese who raised a large, although in recent times his game has lost bellows as a result of the pressure and performance between extremes: the good is almost unstoppable, but if the plan is curtailed falls unambiguously.

“I was too hard on myself, I am very perfectionist. Could you paste 99 balls good, but I was left with that bad. I’m learning not to be so,” observed today, as the number 10 of the circuit. From that triumphed in Melbourne, more than a year ago, his career has been too irregular. However, inwardly has grown. The sad episode of his first coronation, ruined by the despotic behavior of Serena in New York, is already behind you and the past summer it was she who offered an exemplary attitude in Flushing Meadows when comforted at the foot of the track to the teenager who comes treading more and more strong, Coconut Gauff.

“I love it, but I don’t like to lose against someone younger than me”, declared then. Very shy, but with personality, Osaka is expressed in English, although understood to the perfection the japanese. Chose to represent Japan and travels the circuit with her father. Starring alongside figures like LeBron James, Rafael Nadal, or Cristiano Ronaldo the latest campaign from Nike (We are never too far to come downWe are never too far to fall) and following its steps is the platform Netflix, which is preparing a documentary with a view to the Olympic Games of Tokyo in 2021.

In addition, you already have your own doll Barbieit has put 13 million euros for its sporting merits, and, according to accurate Forbes, has broken the record for annual earnings of Maria Sharapova (27.2 in 2015), easily overcoming Serena (26,7) in the career, financial, 2019.