The shocking photo of Jennifer Aniston!


One of the most loved actresses in all of Hollywood Jennifer Aniston, is serving 51 years to the day of today, February 11,and what better way to celebrate than with the amazing photographic session made for the magazine ‘Interview’. The ‘actress’Friends’ became in the face of british publication for the march issue, which is already available and judging by the great photoshoot, it is very likely that this will be over soon.

“Thank you Interview for this birthday surprise. I had No idea that it would go out today. I am proud to celebrate with this cover. Thanks to the team of Interview to celebrate women in all their ages… Meet 51 is very fun. Thank you!” said Aniston to notice the surprise. It Czech some of the photographs shared by the magazine!!!

Courteney Cox turns in Jennifer Aniston on her birthday

In addition to the publication of his photo shoot, who also surprised the actress ‘Murder Mystery’ it was nothing more and nothing less than its companion of cast in ‘Friends’, Courteney Cox, who offered him one of the compliments most iconic and originalbecause even marked as the same Jennifer. “No matter how hard you try, there is only one Jennifer Aniston. Happy birthday, friend! I love you!”said Cox in the description of the image.

Until the time, the iconic publication Courteney Cox has almost two million ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments flattering on the part of his followers, who did not fail to mention the strong resemblance between these two great actresses. Likewise, Matthew Perry, his fellow actor in the series of the 90’s, offered a warm greeting through their social networks with an amazing throwback.

By your side, Jennifer Aniston he took his profile of Instagram to thank for all the good wishes on this day. Happy Birthday Jennifer!