The thread of the stunning weight loss Adele


In those years his looks were discrete, little according to his age: he was a teenager yet!

It was very common to see it with dark clothing and a loose-fitting layers became an ally to cover his body.

So I saw Adele in 2008.

It was always a woman discreet, away from the media, the spotlight and never spoke openly of his body will cause insecurities. Any time stated that losing weight had never been a priority for her: “When I signed a contract, the people of the industry knew if anyone ever dared to tell me that losing weight would not accept to work with me,” he said to People. “I may not be a product; no one can give me that. I have power over everything I do”, he added Daily Mail in 2009.

Photos from 2018 of Adele.

In 2012, the deceased Karl Lagerfeld he called it “a little too fat,” and the defiant singer responded at that time that he was “very proud” of her appearance, and added: “weight has nothing to do with my career.”

Although she said that not affected him, with the fame, Adele began a process of loss of weight. From 2010 we were witnesses of how his round face and cheeks roses were going to sharpen, and his body was stylized. You do not actually hiding insecurities underneath those layers of clothing? We are not so sure.

The black color is predominant in the closet of Adele.

After several ruptures loving traumatic, in 2011, the singer met Simon Konecki, a philanthropist and a broker that he had 14 years. Despite the age difference, the love quickly took root, and in 2012 became the parents of Angelo.

Adele became a mom in 2012 and she looked happy with her image.
(The Grosby Group.)

In fact, the entrepreneur was inspired by Adele for her third studio album, “25”. At that time he said that I would never write an album with songs about breakups, in reference to “21”, the album that he dedicated to his former partner.

The first years as a mom, Adele experienced weight changes normal in any woman, but reappeared with a slimmer body in comparison with the one that was the start of his career.

In October 2011, Adele was betting on the layers; in February 2012 I already had a month of pregnancy and reappeared in 2013 with dresses more entallados.

During the following years, Adele has stayed away from the cameras and came back in 2015 with his album “25”, for then he already had a style of dress very different from the beginning of his career and he looked more sure of herself. Motherhood had sitting well, and she left behind the clothes super baggy.

At that time it was common for the paparazzi the get involved fully in your role of mom.