The unexpected video of Adele rapping a topic of Nicki Minaj


The life of Adele it has taken a great change since that announced the separation from her husband, Simon Konecki. The british artist, who had decided to depart from the stage to devote himself to his family, has returned to public life and is preparing a new album. While we have been able to see Los Angeles and has left us all with the mouth open after to get to rapping the well-known Montser of Nicki Minaj. And there is a video that proves it!

Because Adele has decided to move to the united States to prepare for his new album, a disc that may include collaborations very top as a with Taylor Swift. We know that both shared a session of composition in the apartment that Nashville has in New York, but we still don’t know where they have worked together.

The case is that Adele is making the most of your time in America but, in addition to devoting time to work, also what is happening in a big way. And the test we have it in a few videos posted on Instagram where we see her dancing and daring with the rap.

Yes, as you read. Adele, known for playing themes tone more dramatic as Someone Like You or Hellodemonstrated that is also has a talent for rapping and he did it in front of the whole world to the rhythm of Monsterof Nicki Minaj.

The video of your performance is giving back to the social networks. And that is that no one expected to see Adele in this way, dressed with clothes that are oversize and moving with all the flow that any artist from genre urban you could have.

In another of the videos that are posted in Instagram we can also see Adele moving to the rhythm of one of the songs of Beyoncé, making it clear as well that not only thrives on ballads sad. What is coming up any collaboration with any artist urban?