the video with millions in hours


June 18, 2019
(14:40 CET)

Nicki Minaj is ready to burst again the music industry with her new hit. It will be next Friday, when the rapper of Trinity and Tobago launch the market Megatronin her new song.

And is already heating up the environment the environment in their social networks. In fact, the singer knows very well that better not have weapon in his hand that the social media networks. Used to do this and, bearing in mind that it has a number of followers more important than (103 million), the media impact is always very important.

Nicki Minaj what peta on Instagram

And in recent days there have been two publications that have petado in the networks. Two publications that correspond to the making off of the that will be the clip Megatron. The first of them is one of those that like to his followers: wearing a bra that, as pointed out by many at the networks, “is about to burst”.

But perhaps what has most stood out and what it has become viral has been the video that has been posted less than 24 hours. A video that we can already get an idea of how it will be in the music video of her new hit.

In it we see a number of dancers next to a Lamborghini and, of course, to Nicki’s wearing one of those outfits that you love her and her millions of followers: with a minitanga, which leaves the air to your buttocks.

A publication of Minaj that has gotten neither more nor less than 4.5 billion likes and that, as expected, has also generated a number of comments. The vast majority of them, of course, have gone the same way: praise to the rapper.

How great is Nicki Minaj”, “The new video clip will be brutal”, “Always leaving us with the open mouth”, “It is brutal” , “whatNicki Minaj in thong? Oh, that I do not miss it!” or “¡What madness!”.