This song was going to be for Rihanna


The music industry is full of little secrets. We have discovered many of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and many other celebrities. Not only on a personal level, but professional. There is a long way from that a composer decides to give her song to another artist until the issue is owner.

It is not the first time that any singer moves us to a song that in the end ends up in the hands of another. Britney Spears, for example, rejected ‘Umbrella’ and the theme ended up being the song that launched them to fame to Rihanna.

The singer from Barbados is interestingly enough the protagonist of the latest news on exchange of songs. We have learned, through a leak ,that Rihanna was about to release the song ‘Same Old Love’. A success that ended up in the hands of Selena Gomez.

The song composed by Charli XCX rolled several times before coming to the former actress of Disney. However, when Gomez sang the song “he knew it was for her,” said Charli. ‘Same Old Love’ was part of the album ‘Revival’ and is one of the most famous songs of the career of Selena Gomez.

This theme for awhile was Rihanna. The interpreter came to record the song and, even, tweeted a bit of the lyrics in your account back in the year 2014. Now, the audio with the voice of Rihanna has been leaked and has gone crazy to their fans.

The song changes completely in style with the artist and many internet users have been amazed. The comparisons did not take long to appear and the fight over who sang it better is unleashed. What is certain is that Selena Gomez did his own song a long time ago and now it is difficult to hear the theme song with another voice.

Even so, this filtration has been a gift to the followers of Rihanna that can take a long time waiting for a new albumthat it seems that is not going to arrive. The singer is focused on her makeup brand ‘Fenty Beauty’ and in her lingerie brand ‘Savage X Fenty’ and shows no intention of returning to the music industry.