This was the reaction of Kylie Jenner, who’s accused of lying about his fortune


Kylie Jenner reacts to accusations of Forbes about his fortune

Shortly after that the well-known magazine had made known his theory about the fortune of this celeb, Kylie decided to post a series of tweets to try to disprove this and give to know your advice about it.

‘What do I awake? I thought that this was a publication with a good reputation. All I see are a series of statements, inaccurate statements and assumptions without checking. I have never order any title, or I’ve lied to get it. NEVER. point’, said Kylie in Twitter.

‘Creating tax returns that were probably fake’… is That your evidence? Then only they THOUGHT they were counterfeit? How, what am I reading?’, asked Kylie in the same social network.

‘But well, I have so many blessings, I have a beautiful daughter, a successful business and I’m perfectly fine’, was the sister of Kim Kardashian, who has divided opinions in the last few hours in relation to his fortune.

After these statements, Kylie went on to say that there were many more important things that people should focus on instead of your money.

doIt will be true that his fortune was a lie or, in reality, the companies of Kylie are worth a lot more than what Forbes thinks?

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