To a year of “Thank U, Next”, Ariana Grande celebrates anniversary (+videos)


The american singer Ariana Grande held a year of the launch of his album titled Thank U, Next,, which follows the title track with which they became the female artist with the record for the most number of views in a single day, within a music platform.

“Doing this project with so many dear friends, literally, saved my life and gave me the courage to be vulnerable and honest with people”, explained the singer in their social networks, in which she shared a photo, where he labeled those involved in the production of his album.

“Thank you for making me feel heard, safe, and incredibly human. It’s nice (and very healing) to know that I don’t have to hide behind an image of pop star strange and polished, and that I am able to connect with so many people about my truths and my pain,” said the interpreter 7 ringsand Side to Side.

“I know that I should have clicked for me before, but it was not to be and I want to thank you for showing me first hand that it is okay. All of this. I’ve been writing and creating a lot lately and it feels good. I still am not in a hurry for take out anything from the oven!

“I look forward to this new chapter and share more stories / life with you. Sending a hug huge and warm”, said the singer, who at the last Grammy awards, endorsed its relationship with the National Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Recording of the united States, after having had differences with the organization of the event in 2019.