Venus Williams launched her own line of cosmetics and reflected on the importance of skin care


Winner of four gold medals (and one silver) olympic, seven Grand Slam singles, 14 doubles, with 49 titles behind their backs… and also businesswoman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, vegan and lover of beauty, both as to to launch her own line of cosmetics. So is Venus Williams, half least known of the couple’s most famous tennis, formed by her and her little sister, Serena.

The profile of the greatest is, however, much less popular than Serena, just 15 months younger. Venus will turn 40 next June and, unlike his sister, is not found in interviews, covers, parties, or weddings, princely. The friendship of Serena with Meghan Markle, wife of Henry of England, has made his role will be greater in the last few months.

Now, however, Venus takes the word. The tennis player has been granted a couple of interviews to the media where he has treated some of its facets is less known: the food, where it is admitted vegan (although somewhat tricky, as herself); and the business. After spending hours on the slopes in all weather conditions possible, the athlete has stopped experimenting and has released her own beauty line, whose first two products make sense, coming from someone so exposed to the open air: a sunscreen (factor 30) and a serum moisturizer but also with SPF 35. Williams takes them under their brand, until now, sports wear—, call EleVen, by allying with the signature beauty american Creed.

Obviously, the athlete do not let the product at random: the sunscreen comes in bar, and both dry quickly once applied, leaving no residue or a whitish, irrespective of the skin tone, something that the player will not always been easy, as the account in the economic magazine Forbes. It is estimated that Venus Williams has amassed a fortune of close to $ 40 million is only thanks to the tennis, but has a multitude of sponsors, participates in television programs and has invested in sports teams, such as the Miami Dolphins.

“I am a crazy skin care”confesses the tennis publication. “Especially because my work is the sun, so I have to protect it. After all, it is the largest organ of the body. Many times people do not take care of their skin like the rest of your body. If you eat well, you exercise… you have to take care of what you put, and also protect it. As a strong supporter of the solar protection, to do this has been a natural step for me,” he said.

Williams has chosen the ingredients of the formula (“clean, you have to be conscious of what we put in the body”), the mark to which it has joined, Creed (“when we do collaborations with brands, companies and people have to connect on a personal level, and we believe in the same things”) and even the packaging, conscious with the environment (“it was a key aspect, because we have to think about what we are doing, in our global impact”).

The tennis star opens up to share their routines facialas that has sensitive skin or exfoliation and the oils, especially the rose hip oil, work for you. “I don’t feel very comfortable with a lot of makeup, but a lot of people yes. For me, the philosophy of beauty is that if it makes you feel good, happy and healthy, go ahead”, tells the Forbes.

Another of the issues that make you be okay with itself is the power. Again, in this aspect maintains a relaxed attitude, constant improvement, but without being too demanding with myself. That is why he has chosen to keep a vegan diet, which began, “for health reasons”, as has explained to the american edition of Women’s Health. “I needed to give energy to my body in the best way possible, knowing how important it is to my diet to keep me going”, has, in connection with the so-called Sjogren’s syndrome that you suffer from, an autoimmune disease that suffers from fatigue and muscle aches and joint pain.

For this reason the fact that most of their foods are raw and vegan, but I am human, and is known for making some traps,” he adds sarcastically. “I joke with you that I am a trampavegana, because sometimes I detour,” he says. The athlete is usually breakfast fruit or protein shakes; lunch-rice, sweet potatoes and green smoothies, and take some more carbohydrate if you are competing; dinner salads, Caesar in your vegan version; and to snack between meals opt for snack bars, fruit, smoothies… And what about the desserts? “When I train attempt to control myself, but once in a while a girl needs a donut!”, crying fun, counting that often makes smoothies with fruit like coconut and vanilla… that dress with prosecco or with a splash of rum. Because, as she says, “life is too short to not love what you eat”.