[Video] Chloe is involved with her family in a contest promoted by the singer Kelly Clarkson

At the beginning of April, The Journal realized the release of a singer and music villamariense of just 13 years call Chloe Edgecombe.

Despite his young age, haba dazzled with a version of the song “Thank you”, for those who work in the midst of the pandemic, and video clips related to your topic, “special”, to write to the 10 years and that readaptara for the Spanish and the English (such as “Perfect day”).

Now, Chloe, the promise local who lived in Canada during part of his childhood, has embarked on a new challenge: to be part of an international competition and virtual promoted by the singer of texan Kelly Clarkson, winner of the first season of the reality tv show “American Idol.”

The close-knit family…in the roof

The father of Chloe, Joel Edgecombe, coment cmo ingres to this contest and that way, the whole family was involved in the video clip for viewing.

“Looking for things to do with the music of Chloe in this quarantine, we come up with a contest where bean that interpret a topic from Kelly Clarkson, titled ‘I dare You to love’. This theme has the particularity that was recorded in 6 languages, including the version in English sung by Blas Cant from Spain. Being the daughter of an argentine mother and father born in Quebec, Canada, did a version adapted using letters of the version in English, Spanish and French”, continue to The Journal.
“By analyzing the lyrics and the meaning of the subject, we realized that it has a lot to do with the love in the house, and the importance they have in this time of quarantine. As we decided to support Chloe by participating in this contest with a video clip that includes the whole family.”
“We ask Luke Rivera -msico-local, that we made arrangements for each one of the instruments that saba touching each member of the family. The younger sister Olivia with the violn, the older sister Sarah with the piano and mam Mara with the flute. The little brother Luke and I estbamos half painted but we did what we could with a few clicks of the finger (laughs).”
“Due to the quarantine is not pruned search for a locacin important to film it as we did from the roof of our house. The filmacin I made it with the help of “Colo” Bosio and the edition of the video what did the sister, Sarah. Also by the complexity of the quarantine, Luke Rivera did all the production music in your study (Chau Naranjo) and the video is recorded on top of that”.

Voice and Guitar: Chloe Edgecombe
Violin: Olivia Edgecombe
Piano: Sarah Edgecombe
Flute: Maria Edgecombe
Pretty face: Luke Edgecombe
The snapping of fingers: Joel Edgecombe
Production Music: luksrivera https://www.instagram.com/luksrivera
Filmacin: Joel Edgecombe and Colo Bosio https://www.instagram.com/colo.audiovisual/
Edition Video: Sarah Edgecombe.

The theme can be seen in https://chloemusica.com.