When pets are the protagonists in the film


As well as our pets are the protagonists of key moments of our lives, also in the cinema what they are, and for quite some time. For example, the classic Walt Disney Pictures (1961), 101 Dalmatians, is proof that animals can also be the shafts of a story and move the tourniquet from the box office.

Today in THE HERALD we bring you a collection of 12 films, from different perspectives, to enjoy in this weekend of quarantine. What is more, it is likely that our dogs and cats to join in the combo movie buff in the house, a company that we could not have the hand in the cinema, who also miss both.

1. ‘Always at your side. Hachiko’ (2009)

Available on YouTube. The university professor Parker Wilson (Richard Gere) has a very special relationship with his dog, a nice specimen of the breed Akita nicknamed ‘Hachi’. Each morning, the animal accompanies its owner to the train station for firing you and, when evening comes, you return to the same place to meet him at the end of their work day. One day, this faithful friendship is truncated by an unexpected event, but the devotion of the dog towards its master will remain for ever, to the surprise of all the inhabitants of the place.

2. ‘The reason to be with you’ (2017)

Available on YouTube. This is not a history of pets from the point of view of a human. What if a dog could have more of a life? On the contrary, it is the story of a dog in search of the purpose of their life, through various relationships with their owners. It is as well as return to the first of them, knowing that they must help you once more.

3. ‘Flying home’ (1996)

Available on HBO GO. Amy (Anna Paquin) and her father live on a small farm in Canada. In a nearby forest, Amy discovers a nest of geese abandoned and decides to raise them. Thus begins a fun adventure: it teaches them to fly and guides them towards warm lands.

4. ‘101 Dalmatians: More alive than ever!’ (1996)

Available on YouTube. The version of ‘live action’ from the Disney classic. Cruella DeVil (Glenn Close) owns and runs a fashion house that shares her two passions: clothes and fur. When your designer more hard-working and talented, Anita (Joely Richardson), falls in love and marries Roger (Jeff Daniels), Cruella is angered by your change of allegiance. One day, during a visit to the home of the newlyweds, Cruella finds out that the dogs dalmatians Roger and Anita have had a litter of puppies, which they want to buy to get clothing with their skins.

5. ‘Zootopia’ (2016)

Available on Amazon Prime. In a world populated by mammals are anthropomorphic, Judy Hopps, a rabbit from the rural town of BunnyBurrow, dreams of becoming a police officer, displaying his sleep in a school play, where she and her classmates explain how they have changed the animals with the time. Once work is completed, their parents try to convince her that the rabbits would never be police officers. While their parents speak, Judy is going to help his friends who are disturbed by Gideon Grey, a fox brabucón who tells Judy that it is only a bunny farmer. Judy strikes him, but Grey inmediatanente the assaults rasguñandola in the face and then leaves. When you go, your friends are grateful for his heroism and Judy decided firmly to be a police officer.

6. ‘The Lady and the Tramp’ (1955)

Available on YouTube. Queen is a beautiful dog of pure breed that lives happily in your home. Elizabeth and James, the pampered a lot and it is happy to your care. However, the day their owners decide to make a journey, the life of the Queen is altered; the arrival of aunt Clara with her cats does not cause more than heartache. Less evil that knows Gulf, a dog hobo very nice.

7. ‘Pets’ (2016)

Available on HBO GO and YouTube. In an apartment building in Manhattan, the life of Max as a favorite pet in danger when his owner brings home a dog named Duke, with whom Max will soon have their differences. But both pets have to leave behind their rivalry when they find out that an adorable white bunny named Snowball is recruiting an army of pets that have been abandoned, determined to take revenge on all pets happy and their owners. The second part of the film came out in 2019 and is also available on platforms.

8. ‘My footprints at home’ (2019)

Available on HBO GO. Narrates the adventures of Bella, a dog who embarks on a journey of 400 miles to return to his home after being separated from its owner.

9. ‘Ace Ventura: Detective de mascotas’ (1994)

Available on Amazon Prime. Detective Ace Ventura, specializing in rescuing animals kidnapped, he was commissioned to locate and rescue the dolphin Snowflake, mascot of the football team of Miami, who has been kidnapped the day before the grand finale that must compete for the team.

10. ‘Space Jam: the game of the century’ (1996)

Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube. Bunny and his team challenge the Nerdlucks (a group of small aliens) to a basketball game to decide if the Looney Tunes remain in the Soil or are transferred to a distant galaxy to work in an amusement park of Mountain Tontolandia. The Nerdlucks have a powerful secret weapon that makes them superior: they have taken the best qualities of the stars of the NBA (Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing). But also the Looney possess a secret weapon: it’s Michael Jordan!

11. ‘Marley and me’ (2008)

Available on Youtube. Newlyweds John (Owen Wilson) and Jenny Grogan (Jennifer Aniston) decide to leave behind the winters of Michigan to be installed in the sunny West Palm Beach (Florida). Both of them get employment in the two newspaper rivals, they buy their first home and face the challenges of marriage. When John confesses to his friend and colleague Sebastian who still do not feel ready to be a father, he suggests that he give Jenny a dog. The Grogan adopt a puppy farmer who, shortly after, becomes a mass of 45 kilos which transforms their lives.

12. ‘My Friend ‘ Paulie’ (1998)
Available on Netflix. Marie has a parrot green color called Paulie who is able to mimic the human voice and actually uses it at all hours, talking non-stop. However, one day his parents separate them for fear that the girl is encariñe too with your pet, and the parrot is left alone and disoriented in a world that does not know. Paulie will start an exciting journey with the fi n of being reunited with its owner. On the way will fall on account of his ability to talk and chatter incessantly can put him in more of a problem, but you’ll also find a large amount of friends willing to help you in your search.

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