will sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl


The followers of Demi Lovato you are in luck. The singer has just been announced as the responsible for interpreting the national anthem of the united States at the end of the Super Bowl, which will be held next February 2 at the stadium to Hard Rock in Miami. The artist, that takes away from the scenarios, nearly two years after suffering an overdose, he returns again to the world of music and does it by the big door.

For any american artist, there is no greater honor than to be appointed by the NFL to be in charge of singing the national anthem. In a country like the united States, where patriotism is breathed in the environment, this honor is a responsibility.


But Demi Lovato is so much more. The singer it takes months removed from the stages from which in July of 2018 has suffered a relapse on his consumption of drugs and alcohol that resulted in an overdose that almost just are his life.

The artist was admitted to the hospital, in a coma for several days, and once she was discharged decided to stay in a rehabilitation centre for disengaged consumption of substances. Since then, Demi Lovato has worked on herself and has been dedicated to lead a healthy life.

New York (United States), 18/03/2017.- (FILE) - Demi Lovato

New York (United States), 18/03/2017.- (FILE) – Demi Lovato

Your activity on social networks has diminished greatly although each time you make a publication, it aims to promote self-love and respect among all. Without going more far, this summer is encouraged to upload photos in bikini without photoshopear his body, something he had been doing for years.

And it seems that, in the end, Demi Lovato is ready to return to singing in public. His debut will be on the 26th of January at the ceremony of the Grammy awards, one of the most important nights in the music industry.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

And if all that weren’t enough, we just know that the exniña Disney will be in charge of singing the national anthem at the end of the Super Bowl. So you see, this year the sporting event will have woman’s domain as responsible for performing the musical number in the middle part will be JLo and Shakira.

Demi Lovato has shown her excitement to share in their social networks, the confirmation of their performance in the final sport, knowing that it will be not only a performance to remember but the beginning of a new stage of his life away from drugs and very close to the music.